SIU probing death of senior hit by unmarked Toronto Police vehicle

Crash near York Mills & Upjohn Rds Wednesday

Ontario's Special Investigations Unit is looking into the death of an 81-year-old man, killed in a crash with a Toronto Police vehicle.

The SIU says the car that the man was in collided with an unmarked cop car late Wednesday afternoon. It happened near York Mills Rd and Upjohn Rd.

The man was rushed to St. Michael's Hospital with serious injuries. He was later pronounced dead. It isn't clear if the police officer was hurt.

The SIU looks into cases where members of the public are seriously hurt or killed during an interaction with police. A team of six investigators, including a collision reconstructionist are digging into this case.

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  1. Ben posted on 02/27/2014 08:01 PM
    No doubt another case of yet another super-cop driving dangerously and it won't be his fault. What else is new... :(
    This time instead of the cop killing himself while driving like a maniac for no reason, he took the life of another innocent person.
    RIP old dude.
  2. Steven posted on 02/27/2014 08:41 PM
    And this is why the elderly should be required to taken driving tests. To prove that they can still drive without causing accidents. Now a police officer and police equipment is out of service until it can be repaired or replaced.
    1. Angry Bill posted on 02/28/2014 02:04 PM
      @Steven Meh. About the only realistic and measurable impact is his ticket quota will be slightly down this month.
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