WATCH: City councillors call for peace between Mayor Ford and Chief Blair

City councillors say Rob Ford and Bill Blair need to put their differences aside for the good of the city

Trinity Spadina councillor Adam Vaughan says the feud between Rob Ford and the Police Chief is proof the Mayor needs to go
Photo: James Moore/NEWSTALK 1010

Mayor Rob Ford's troubles overshadow another day of work at City Hall.

This time it was a move by the Deputy Mayor to get the private sector more involved in finding solutions to Toronto's gridlock problem.

Ford's feud with the Police Chief loomed large after city officials and business leaders emerged from their closed-door meeting on Friday afternoon.

City councillors made calls for Ford and Chief Blair to settle their war of words for the sake of the city.

"I think it is a problem when the Mayor of the City of Toronto cannot get along with the Chief of Police,” says Don Valley East councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong.

Scarborough Centre councillor Michael Thompson, who also serves on Toronto's Police Services Board, says it would be 'appropriate' for the Chief and Mayor Ford to bury the hatchet.

"I think both gentlemen will have to actually rise to the occasion and demonstrate a sense of professionalism," says Thompson.

Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly says he just wants to focus on making city hall run smoothly, adding "we can't let these other things detract us from doing that business."

Ward 20 councillor Adam Vaughan was quick to point the finger of blame at Mayor Ford.

"If the Mayor wants the Chief to leave him alone, I suggest he stop peeing in a park, I suggest he stop smoking crack cocaine, I suggest he stop lying, I suggest he stop showing up at night clubs and wandering through intersections in cities he doesn't live," Vaughan says, "If the Mayor wants to be treated with more respect, he ought to respect himself."

City councillors made the calls the day after Ford dared Blair to arrest him and refused to apologize for calling the Chief obscenities in a video that surface online last month.

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  1. Frankie posted on 03/01/2014 07:55 AM
    Both Ford and Blair are in the wrong here, and Vaughan is a tiresome blowhard whom many of us are sick and tired of listening to his useless rants.
  2. laFFin posted on 03/01/2014 08:42 AM
    Ther isn't a TV camera or a radio mic that Vaughan doesn't like.
  3. john posted on 03/01/2014 11:43 AM
    i dont care what this dick says . i am not even listing .
  4. AdrianoC1981 posted on 03/01/2014 07:10 PM
    Adam Vaughan has to be the biggest waste of skin I have ever seen. The only good thing here is that the more people hear from councillors like Adam Vaughan, the more they will come to realize that Rob Ford is the right man for the job. Ford more years. Lets get the people's mayor back in his rightful place. We, the citizens of Toronto need you Robbie. Keep fighting for us and we will continue to fight for you.
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