Canadian obesity rates expected to triple by 2019

One doctor says the way we've dealt with food has been going off the rails for years....

With new products hitting the shelves, like Oscar Meyer's new P3 Portable Protien Power pack in the US...a lunch snack aimed at adults...  

The medical community on this side of the border is sounding the alarm. They say we're on the way to being a society of obese men and women.

A new study in the Canadian Medical Association Journal says the number of people who are considered obese is expected to triple by 2019, with 1 in 5 expected to be overweight by then.

Dr. Yoni Freedhoff, the medical director of the Bariatric Institute in Ottawa, joined Newstalk1010's Jim Richards on Tuesday, and says the world is changing, with the default in this environment if you're not being careful, is to gain weight.

"So we have a world that allows front of package labeling to suggest, highly sugary products are actually good for us. We serve kids garbage in our own schools, we have a food guide that is not evidence based. We're in a big mess!"

Freedhoff goes onto say that scales don't measure health. He says there are some slim people who are living unhealthy lifestyles, and there are people who are medically obese who are watching everything they are eating.

But he does go onto say that people are eating differently now then they were 50 years ago.

"We eat horribly as a society. Kicthens are assembly points, we add a box of this to a jar of that. We don't cook from fresh, whole ingredients."

Freedhoff points to 'sugar sweetened drinks' as the only food that can really be vilified. That can be pop, but can also be juices.

He backs legislation to help people make the proper choices when it comes to picking their foods.

"It's not about taking away people's rights to eat horribly. It's about making it easier to understand what we're choosing."

He says labels need to be clearer where calories would be prominently displayed and where serving sizes aren't nonsense.

"A third of a cookie is not a serving size." says Freedhoff.

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