UPDATE: WATCH: SEARS employee fired after racially charged exchange

It happened at a store in Winnipeg, with the employee asking the customer 'let me guess, you just got off the boat?'...

The man at the centre of a viral video, has now been fired.

The confrontation between a SEARS employee and a customer in Winnipeg, was caught on video, and it's now gone viral online.

The video was posted to Facebook on Saturday and has since been charged more than a thousand times.

It all started when the SEARS worker asked the employee to remove his child from the riding lawnmower, telling him 'this wasn't a play area'.

Shortly after, the employee allegedly said to the man, who is Asian, 'let me guess, you just came off the boat'.

The man reacted, shouting obscenities to the employee and demanding he be fired on the spot.

At first, the company said the employee had been suspended, but later on in the same day, officials had indicated he'd been terminated.

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  1. Angry Bill posted on 03/03/2014 03:02 PM
    Racist comment or not, the Asian guy wasn't doing himself any favours by his own words and actions. Those words and actions could very well wind up getting the employee NOT fired.

    Besides, the employee had a point, minus the racial comment. Too many people (new immigrants or otherwise) think that it's okay to let their kids totally destroy stuff in a store, and do nothing about it. I've seen it, people I know have seen it, it's extremely prevalent. Customers like these are not always right, they're always rude and behaved.

    My step daughter is the quietest, most polite, most accommodating girl I know. She worked at a library in Milton. She's very organized, and everyone loved working with her. She tells me she cringes when she sees families with kids of a certain ethnic background come into the library.. because the parents let them run all over the library screaming, and randomly pulling books off the shelf and sending them flying. Books that it just took her two hours to sort and place. Now she has to do it all over again. Once, just ONCE! she went to tell the mother of some extremely loud, rude and destructive children from this ethnicity to ask if she could ask her kids to be quiet, as other people were studying in that library, and the mother flew off the handle. The manager called my step daughter in to the office, because he had no choice.. whenever a customer complains about an employee, that was the process they had to follow. The manager apologized to my step daughter, and said she knew what my step daughter was like, and that she would never be rude to a customer. Plus, the manager had also seen how overboard this lady and her brats were.

    The point is, people are very rude, they teach their kids to be rude, and they don't have any concept of discipline for their kids. And society pays.

    So I'm willing to give ANY employee the benefit of the doubt. I have an idea of what they go through every single day from rude, obnoxious people. Every. Day. You try it.
    1. Angry Bill posted on 03/03/2014 03:04 PM
      @Angry Bill Couple of typos up there, but you get the gist.
  2. Leasa posted on 03/03/2014 04:55 PM
    The Asian guy, called the manager 'your Ghetto Manager', which in itself is very racist. I know Asian people will not allow family members to marry white and if they do, they are out of the family. I know some Asian people who live just like they are in the old country, and their environment is filthy. I worked with one asian lady, who I had to team with, we were nursing doing heavy lifting and she'd go like a rag, no effort, so we wouldn't ask to lift or work with her and if you said anything to her, she'd scream racism. Honestly, there is no one more racist than someone from India, China, Portugal, et el. I've been on the receiving end of this racism yet we cannot say anything because we are white, and it's even worse if you are white, born here and don't speak French. (please note: not all races are racist)
    1. HP posted on 03/03/2014 05:25 PM
      @Leasa Interesting comments...some of your best friends Asian?
    2. Ken posted on 03/04/2014 05:15 PM
      @Leasa So the story of the asian lady you worked with screamed racism excuses this? which part of "other Asian people are also racist" allows the store employee to say "you just got off the boat?"

      I think deep down you might be harbouring something within yourself with the examples you gave which don't really relate to this story.

      Glad the employee was fired, i don't blame the Sears or the Managers, it's an isolated incident.
  3. Cranky Tim posted on 03/03/2014 06:09 PM
    So the employee asks the parents to take their brat off the garden tractor, they blow it up all out of proportion and of course the employee is the bully. The father is the one trying to bully the employee and the store. The father is the one who insults the employee first who reacts with anger. It is the father who says ".. where are you from (and it sounds like) dumbo".
    Half of the problems with children these days is that no one shows them any discipline. Any time a teacher or someone doing their job tries to intervene the parents come back with the "not my Johnny" syndrome. It couldn't be their kids who at home wont listen but the parents are too scared to do anything about it.
    The customer ISN'T always right, sometimes you have to say NO to them. If they take their business somewhere else in many cases they will be someone else's problem. This weekend I saw a customer trying to return an empty can of paint because the colour match wasn't close enough. The can they were trying to match from was full of chunks it was so old but it was the store's fault that the new paint didn't match what had likely been on the wall for 5 years.
    Too many people expect a company to lie down for them to walk on because "The customer is always right". Then when little Johnny stoned on Rittalin falls off the garden tractor and hurts himself they sue. In this litigious society no one takes responsibility for their own actions.
    1. HP posted on 03/03/2014 06:14 PM
      @Cranky Tim Companies have return policies that take care of the Walmart taking back skids of widescreens after the Superbowl.

      But they take them back if they meet the policy because the customer is always right, even when they're not. That's the only rule in the service sector...only idiots argue with those that write the paycheques.
  4. Drew posted on 03/03/2014 08:12 PM
    Just another day in retail. Is it just me or does this "incident" seem planned. The person recording the video seemed to know when to start recording, doesn't that seem a little odd.

    Also, thought it was illegal to use camera's/video cameras in a store due to the fact people may be scoping it out for future crime to occur.
  5. HP posted on 03/04/2014 05:10 PM
    Sears didn't fire him, they just undid the hire that should have never happened. Some say better late than never but this bad hire cost Sears a lot of goodwill. I suspect that the hard lines merchandise manger and the HR manager will get a corrective interviews, the store manager may get sensitivity and leadership training. Sears is pretty good in closing the gate after the cows escape, but they've never been good at proactive action. That's a result of their "promotion from within" policy, you get some inners but the bad workers get moved up as well...they need to do some outside hires and get a few professional managers in heir stores. Sadly, their veteran employees will not tolerate new hires...maybe they need a union?

    But then in Chatham, their first unionized store, the store manager shot the HR manager, so that may not work as well.
    1. Rick posted on 03/04/2014 06:53 PM
      @HP Had the customer had the common sense, respect for property and outlook for his child's safety, this incident would never have happened. How long had this idiot been letting his child play on the lawn tractors? Although handled poorly, the comment was not racist. It was derogatory.

      showing a critical or disrespectful attitude.
    2. Delia posted on 03/05/2014 12:10 AM
      @HP HP: I'm so fed up with some playing the racist cards all the time; HP you're so wrong in ALL of your comments. Now go take your pills, it's getting late and you are tired. People like you make planet stink!
  6. Bill posted on 03/04/2014 05:35 PM
    First off comment by Sears employee was not appropriate.
    Now that Asian guy was way out of line. He acted like an arrogant tough guy who was looking for a confrontation . "I want him fired" " You heard that right ?" Sort of seems like he has been in this situation before and had it planned or staged. The video recording comment about camera being started at the right time ( Before the "just off the boat " comment) leads me to believe this was staged. Lets also get something else stated and I stick to this.... Asians are as racist as any other race. Something things like marriage etc have already been stated here. Asians who run businesses in Canada hire predominantly Asians to work there. They make comments about other persons of colour or race but in their own language. How do I know this.... I have friends who speak the language and have told me this. I personally know a Sri Lakian whom I worked with .who told me his parents will disown him if he dates anyone of another race or religion. His brother dates a white girl that his parents know nothing about. Had another friend from Cambodia ...same thing. Lets get racism straight. It's every where. I say give the employee sensitivity training and ban the Asian guy from the store for being an idiot.
    1. Karl Burgin posted on 03/06/2014 10:24 AM
      @Bill Well said and very true.
      And you are right about South Asians having no problem being racist. Was called the n-word at a Petro Canada gas station in Brampton in front of everyone by an indian guy. I saw red at that point- and the ONLY thing that stopped me from clocking that guy's lights out, was because I had my 1 year old baby with me.

      As I've said to HP, there ARE legitimate racist words/slurs to get really upset over. This was not one of them. And to go off on the employee with his kid (and possibly others in the vicinity) shows poor judgement and self control.
  7. matty posted on 03/04/2014 07:16 PM
    Both parties are wrong here. Funny he called him a "c**ksucker," which is also considered a form of discrimination.
    1. HP posted on 03/04/2014 07:28 PM
      @matty Rob ford called Bill Blair a c**ksucker...Kimmel even shoed it on TV
  8. beth posted on 03/04/2014 09:27 PM
    I hope this was to all happening in front of his child
  9. Chris posted on 03/05/2014 11:39 PM
    Not sure which clip your seeing but at the very beginning the Asian actually made the first racist comment about the employee working at "domo "
    Far as I'm concerned he opened the can of worms that followed .... If it was me his lights would have been out soon after that !!
  10. J Hanley posted on 03/08/2014 04:03 PM
    Yet another white Canadian bullied and tricked by an arrogant, pompous Asian. What a surprise...
  11. bharat posted on 05/15/2014 12:18 AM
    sears is going to fire everybody anyways. Sears holdings has decided to sell sears canada. LOL
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