Host Jimmy Kimmel hopes Mayor Ford isn't "upset"

Kimmel said it was not his intention to upset Rob Ford during the mayor's appearance on his program Monday

Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel said it was not his intention to upset Rob Ford during the mayor's appearance on his ABC program Monday night.
Kimmel razzed the Toronto mayor during his guest appearance over a series of unflattering and controversial incidents that have garnered Ford worldwide attention.
``It seemed like we were having fun,'' said Kimmel as he opened his monologue Tuesday night. ``But then after the show, apparently he was upset. Why, I'm not exactly sure. I asked him about drinking and smoking crack _ what were we supposed to talk about, his other hobbies?''
Kimmel noted that after the show, Ford ``left right away mad,'' but changed his tune after perhaps watching it again or thinking about it out on the flight home. Kimmel then played video of a scrum at Toronto city hall where Ford denied that Kimmel had made a fool out of him.
 ``I knew I was going into a lion's den but I held my own,'' the mayor said.
    After the clip ended with Ford stating he ``loves the people in LA,'' Kimmel declared, ``and we love you too. In fact we might even be in love with you, Mayor Ford.''
    Kimmel said he had no intention of upsetting the mayor, adding, ``I hope we're still on for go-carting this weekend.''
 He said he felt bad that Ford didn't get more time to promote the city of Toronto and said he would make it up to him.
    ``The last thing we need is a war with Canada,'' Kimmel said before showing a video of a tongue-in-cheek tour of various Toronto landmarks shot in 2011.
During his city hall scrum Tuesday morning, an upbeat Ford sloughed off Kimmel's suggestion the mayor find someone to talk to about his addictions.
    ``I don't have any personal issues,'' Ford said.
    ``We've gone down that road a number of times.''
Ford had described himself on the program as a ``normal, average, hard-working politician that's real.''
    ``You are not the average politician my friend,'' Kimmel retorted.
Ford's councillor brother Doug Ford, who accompanied the mayor to L.A., said Tuesday that the show was like a ``church picnic.''
 He also seized on Kimmel's pronouncement that Ford was the ``most wonderful mayor'' he had ever witnessed.
``Jimmy Kimmel, as he said, 'You're the best mayor','' Doug Ford said.
    ``He was sincere when he said that.''

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  1. justsaying posted on 03/05/2014 09:05 AM
    "most wonderful mayor'' - Yes as fodder for late night comedians. Did you see the Tonight Show - they led off the stand-up with "Did you know, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was on Jimmy Kimmel last night...he was also on crack, speed, meth, pot...."

    The point is - the ONLY reason Rob was on JK, is because he is an international joke as the Crack Smoking Mayor of Toronto.

    Rob used the opportunity to promote himself, not the city - BARELY mentioned TO and told the same old stories and half-truths that will cost him the election.

    And DOUG -= one moment, Kimmel is the devil, then the next one, no - everything is fine. Make up your mind - however, we really don't care.

    Rob might make it in LA - lord knows there is enough material for a reality show.

    But these people are not laughing with the Mayor, they are laughing at him! If you don't see that ........well, you should
    1. Angry Bill posted on 03/05/2014 09:44 AM
      @justsaying You're half right. You're right about the reasons why Ford was on the show. I'm going to argue a bit with your dismissal of Ford because people are laughing "at" him. You need to understand how the American mind set works with this sort of thing. In America, they are quite willing to do "stupid" stuff in order to get on TV, and get their 15 minutes of fame. Americans get this, and will happily oblige. That isn't so much the Canadian mind set, so maybe it's easy to not get.

      Ford has achieved celebrity status in the States. To you, he's an embarrassment. To Americans, he's joined the ranks of the Kardassians, Charlie Sheen, and that crowd. And once you're a celebrity, Americans just take it for granted that you're on crack, or get drunk. Up here, we're uptight about that sort of thing. Down there, it's expected.

      So to you, it's a bad thing. To Americans, they love it. It's fun, and interesting. They don't look on Ford with hate because of his personal life. Up here, for whatever reason, we do.
    2. dama posted on 03/05/2014 03:49 PM
      @Angry Bill Good deduction on the whole issue, Rob Ford is really a celebrity and people just loved it and willingly take a picture with Rob except for Justsaying

      John Tory has to pay me to take a picture with me.. lol

      Ford more years..
  2. Peter posted on 03/05/2014 09:46 AM

    Ok, ...from all the other comments at the other news post here at 1010 , we know Mayor Fords TV appearance was a great success. Congratulations again Mayor Ford. The best mayor Toronto has ever had !

    But I wonder what the television viewership numbers were.

    I wonder how the other TV talk shows will now tone down their coverage of Ford, and if they will now respect him more.

    Does anyone think Jimmy Kimmel looks a bit too thin? It seems like he's lost too much weight. I'm not a doctor, but something doesn't look right.
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