Boucher family not giving up on the search

Missing teacher Jeffrey Boucher's wife says they are planning to do another search in the spring once the snow melts

It has been more than 7 weeks since high school teacher Jeffrey Boucher went missing and there is still no sign of him.

The family, though, is not giving up on finding answers.

"I'm really just taking everything day by day," wife Kirsten tells Newstalk 1010 from her home in Whitby.

Police have said that the investigation into Boucher's disappearance will remain open and active until he is found. So far, though, there have been no clues.

The search and all the unaswered questions have emotionally weighed the family down.

Kirsten says when her younger daughter told her repeatedly she needed to get away from Whitby for a while, she decided to take her two daughters on a short vacation during Reading Week, to "help these kids have a change in scenery and hopefully a bit of a healing trip."

While they were away, she says it was possible to forget about the ordeal for moments at a time. But it was only temporary relief.

"Coming back, you walk in the door and it crushes you over the head," she says. "I was crying for two days after I got home."

When the search for Jeffrey began, the family, including Kirsten, was criticized for not showing enough emotion in front of the cameras. Kirsten says she was just trying to hold her composure in public.

"I'm a teacher," she says. "I'm supposed to be composed in front of a group of people."

She also questions how people could judge her emotions after watching a 30-second TV clip.

"It's quite hurtful," she says of the criticism. "I won't say a little hurtful, it's quite hurtful."

The search has been consuming her life for almost two months now. With the police investigation gaining no ground, Kirsten was led to a community of online detectives at, which she found while Googling her husband's name.

"Their hobby is trying to solve missing persons cases."

There's at least one example of the forum helping solve a case in the U.S.

"The police can't get me any answers, right?" she says, while also praising them for their hard work. "So I figured I can't sit here trying to brainstorm this with one head when there's like 30 people online who can help me."

The web sleuths have been brainstorming Jeffrey's disappearance and some have offered to help on the ground.

In the spring, Kirsten plans to hold another search of the area surrounding her home. She says she wants to take another close look once the snow and ice have melted, especially areas that have been hard to access in the winter.

Family and friends will join the search and she hopes others will come out as well.

Kirsten says she is hopeful the springtime search will lead to an answer, that she needs to know what happened to her husband.

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  1. FriendlyChemist posted on 03/06/2014 01:09 PM
    I don't understand why the police are so stumped? This man has obviously suffered the same fate as my good friend Lachlan Cranswick, and he will be found once the weather changes and more people are out and about. Mother Nature is the most obvious suspect in the disappearance of this man.
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