Police seize drugs that were being sold in plain view

Four people charged with selling knock off marijuana and ecstasy...

More than 300 thousand dollars in drugs have been seized from a number of businesses around Toronto and Peel region.

Police claim the 4 people arrested, had been selling drugs in plain sight, inside corner stores.

The products were sold under the names of 'IZMS' and 'Pure Pillz', and were advertised as being legal alternatives to drugs like ecstasy, and marijuana.

Turns out they are illegal and fall under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.

The items seized were sold under the following names:

Bliss Hardcore formula R18

IZMS - Grape Drank
IZMS - Gin N' Juice
IZMS - Luau Love
IZMS - Bomberry Blue
IZMS - samples


Police have arrested 57 year old Peter Wookey from Toronto, 26 year old Anita Kolevski from Pickering, 30 year old James Breckenridge from Toronto, and 50 year old Hou Feng Wang from Ancaster. They all face various drug charges.

Officers are asking any store owners who may be selling these products to turn them into police.

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  1. Ally posted on 04/13/2014 06:07 PM
    Super reassuring that they also want to sell alcohol. Give me a break.
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