Protect Your Home While you’re Away

Peel Regional Police warning homeowners to protect their homes if they’re going away for March Break.

Before you slap on the sunscreen and shorts to take off to someplace warm, you need to protect your home while you’re away.  Peel Regional Police are warning that this is a popular time for home break-ins with so many people taking off for the March Break. 

“March break is a big time for people to be away and people often do the normal things like leave a light on or something like that, but we’re also asking that you talk to a friend or a neighbour and let them know that you will be away so that your house gets watched.  Even if they just drive by your house periodically to check for anything suspicious, it could ward off any potential thieves.”said Peel Police Constable Fiona Thivierge.

Constable Thivierge says it’s always good to have someone pick up your newspaper or mail to make it appear that you are at home.

“Yeah, one day the mail might fit into your mailbox but after 5 days of you being away it’s going to start to overflow.  Guys that are going to break into your house, the first thing they do is to go to your front door, that’s what they’re looking for.”said Constable Fiona Thivierge.

Peel Police say you should even get someone to shovel your driveway or water your plants so that there is a presence at your home, which can throw thieves off if they’re scoping out your house. 

Constable Thivierge says another important message with so many people on social media sites, is to stop sharing so much!

“If you have kids, don’t let them put on their Facebook page that they’re away.  Because all of their friends read the Facebook page and all of their friends’ friends read it and you don’t want that information being out there.”

You should also avoid posting updates saying you are away, or even posting photos of your vacation until you are back home.   If you have an answering machine, don’t say that you are away. 

Police say the last thing you should be doing is broadcasting the fact that your home is sitting empty.


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  1. john posted on 03/06/2014 03:30 PM
    i am not worried i got to big black dogs .
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