Police launch "March Break, March Safe Campaign"

The pedestrian safety campaign lasts through the week

Toronto Police launched their "March Break, March Safe Campaign" on Monday, which lasts for the week.

This is a pedestrian safety campaign, including enforcement, awareness and education.

While children will be celebrating the arrival of March Break, the Toronto Police Service would like to remind parents and caregivers that the safety of the children in their care must be a top priority.

So far this year 75 percent of all traffic fatalities this year have involved pedestrians.  Last year the number was 64 percent.

During the campaign, all road users will be subject to various education and enforcement initiatives.

Pedestrians/transit-users tips:

Parents and caregivers may help reinforce some of these pedestrian safety messages to children, as well as some of our more vulnerable seniors and transit users.

- Stop, look, listen and think before entering the roadway

- Utilize crossings at controlled areas, intersections and crosswalks

- Make eye contact with drivers and other road users

- Wear reflective or bright clothing whenever possible

- Never run into the street

- Obey crossing signals and signs

Driver safety tips during March Break:
- A driver who is aware and alert may avoid potential hazards and other distractions

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  1. BeamerS posted on 03/10/2014 02:37 PM
    I remember when they taught street safety in grade school... and I remember when you had to point to cross at a crosswalk.. (the signs are still there folks) and not just walk out wearing your invisable force field so we can't hit you.

    Oh, and if you are on a bike and you try to pass on the right, don't be surprised if you aren't seen...
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