Dead birds on display at the ROM this March Break

Birds all died in Toronto last year

It's not a typical March Break exhibit at the ROM.

More than 2,000 dead birds are on display at the Bloor Street museum as part of an effort to raise awareness about bird deaths.

The vast majority of bird deaths are caused thanks to humans, including birds crashing into buildings.

The birds that are part of the exhibit were all killed in Toronto last year.

Do you like the idea or do you think it's a little weird? Let us know in our poll question.

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  1. Angry Bill posted on 03/11/2014 11:33 AM
    If this is what they want to display, I don't mind. But I can't see what their point is.. am I missing something? Birds die because they fly into buildings. What's your point? People aren't going to tear down buildings because of it, so I don't know what they're trying to accomplish. To "raise awareness".. again, for what point?
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