Hudak to Wynne: Define ''middle-income families''

Premier ruled out tax hikes for middle income earners to pay for transit

Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak is calling on Kathleen Wynne to lay out exactly who she believes makes up Ontario's middle class.

Last week, the Premier said tax increases for middle income earners are now off the table as options to help pay to grow transit in the province. Wynne also ruled out hiking the gas tax or HST.

But her office wouldn't reveal what it considers to be middle-income, saying only that the "plan to help middle-income Ontarians will be fully laid out in the upcoming Budget."

Hosting Newstalk 1010's The Province Sunday, Hudak pressed Wynne for answers.

"I wanna know how you define middle-income families", said Hudak. "Parts of Toronto will different from the GTA, will be different from Niagara or Ottawa."

"I hope on Monday she'll come clean and tell us exactly what her plan is".

Hudak stressed that he opposes raising taxes and in fact, wants to see tax levels come down to support job creation.

The PC leader also said it's "unfortunate" that the Premier and her "partner" NDP leader Andrea Horwath see Ontarians as revenue tools.

"These are people who are struggling to get by today."

The minority Liberal government has already announced plans to introduce pay-per-use High Occupancy Toll (HOT) lanes and to sell Green Bonds to help fund transit expansion.

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  1. Fact Provider posted on 03/16/2014 09:42 AM
    I can hardly wait for Howdy Doody to make a complete fool of himself (as usual) !
    1. Art posted on 03/16/2014 02:43 PM
      @Fact Provider Guess you were disappointed then after the show.

      BTW, in his day, Howdy Doody was a well loved fixture on TV. A real star.
    2. Fact Provider posted on 03/16/2014 07:03 PM
      @Art ... and a puppet.
      After listening to that, I'm more convinced than ever that he's in way over his head. Unfortunately someone else is pulling his strings.
    3. Benny8 posted on 03/16/2014 07:35 PM
      @Fact Provider Well Andrea Horwath and the public service unions are pulling Kathleen Wynne's strings. Why can't someone pull Tim's?
  2. Walter posted on 03/16/2014 01:51 PM
    I think he sounds like Ryan Doyle. He seems quite comfortable on the air.
    1. AC posted on 03/16/2014 11:45 PM
      @Walter all conservatives stick together even if they don't know what the eff they're talking about
  3. Dean posted on 03/16/2014 02:51 PM
    Who else is there to lead the province? The NDP can not be allowed to lead under any circumstances; their "plan" is to tax the middle class until they're forced to live like the lower class, reward the lower class for doing nothing until they can live how the middle class used to, and give the union class free reign to live like kings. In short, a Soviet nightmare.

    And the Liberals? Please, ten years of theft and mismanagement speak for themselves.

    The choice is clear: Hudak for Premier!
    1. Mark7 posted on 03/16/2014 03:11 PM
      @Dean Great post with one exception. The criminal Fiberals mismanagement record goes on for many decades. Only thing new in the last 10 years is that they have been caught in their criminal ways.

      One can only hope that many of these crooks see jail terms for their deliberate attempt to hide the facts via the e mail scandal.
    2. AC posted on 03/16/2014 11:42 PM
      @Dean You definitely are not the regular person that goes to work everyday and just tries to get ahead. you must be part of corporations getting a free ride. My choice is clear and it's not the conservatives
    3. r2d2 posted on 03/17/2014 12:22 AM
      @Dean you might have to wait the full term Dean. I don't see an election soon. the ndp sit in a good position in getting some of their agenda through. Your boy sitting on the sidelines on everything pees off a lot of voters. The by elections show a clear signal. Not many like or trust this dude. he has one more kick at the can and something tells me he's going to miss the can again and wind up in his a$$.
  4. enough! posted on 03/17/2014 12:42 AM
    'tax levels come down to support job creation'
    more tax breaks and perks to the well off and corporations at the expense of us all.
    we pay higher property taxes higher ttc costs higher gas prices.
    Is Hudaks plan for transit the same as Fords?
    Private money along with the transit fairy will pay?
    His backtracking on right to work will do him in in itself, this just puts the icing on the cake.
  5. Enough!! posted on 03/17/2014 02:18 AM
    tax levels to come down to support job creation.
    Translation is more tax breaks and perks for corporations while the regular guy pays more property taxes more ttc costs more gas prices.
    mr. Right to work is out of ideas out of touch and basically out of time.
    he has one more kick at the can eventually at some point and something tells me he's going to kick it miss and fall flat in his azz. Again!!!
  6. Karl Burgin posted on 03/17/2014 10:52 AM
    Ignoring ENOUGH's post- as much as I sometimes can't stand Hudak, he seems to be on a roll.
    He stumbled around a bit with the Chrysler issue, but in the end got it right. He's bang on when it comes to university kids unable to find jobs. And now he's passed the ball to Wynne to define what middle-class is. A term of which she has no idea.

    If this keeps up, Hudak might actually present the Conservatives as a viable threat to Wynne's domination in the polls.

    All I've got to say about Hudak: It's about time...well done sir.
  7. Angry Bill posted on 03/18/2014 10:37 AM
    What boggles my mind is people are still saying they're happily voting liberal. After the mountain's worth of evidence showing how corrupt and inept they are... I really don't know how to respond to these people. I'm serious. How are you supposed to deal with the obviously insane?

    If you vote liberal, you are voting for another term of corruption and ineptitude. More billions wasted, more cover ups, more disrespect for the Ontario voter. Insanity is the only conclusion that I can come to, as to why someone would vote for all that again.
    1. Karl Burgin posted on 03/18/2014 04:06 PM
      @Angry Bill People are still voting Liberal despite the fact. Do you really want to go down that rabbit hole as to why they still do?

      Don't take the red pill BILL- stay as far away from Wonderland as you can. ;p
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