Cat in Oshawa shot 16 times

The stray male cat, Matty, was found in the Thornton and Champlain area of Oshawa earlier this month.

A cat in Durham Region is expected to survive after a case of animal cruelty that the local humane society calls "horrific."

The stray male cat, Matty, was found in the Thornton and Champlain area of Oshawa earlier this month. 

Officials say the animal had been shot 16 times with a pellet gun. His front right leg had also been severely broken. 

X-rays show the pellets lodged throughout the cat's body. 

The humane society says Matty is in stable condition and will soon undergo surgery. 

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Humane Society of Durham Region at 905-665-7430.

Anyone who wants to help with Matty’s veterinary care can donate online by clicking here or by texting HSDR to 20222 to donate $10 through their mobile device.

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  1. Angry Bill posted on 03/19/2014 09:30 AM
    I donated 10 bucks by texting to the number above.

    There's a special level of hell reserved for people who think doing this sort of thing to defenseless animals is funny. Anyone who would do this to an animal doesn't care about people, either.. a real crap job of a human being who needs to be held down and pumped full of pellets.
    1. Karl Burgin posted on 03/19/2014 12:24 PM
      @Angry Bill The people who did this should definitely be in jail.
      God knows what else they think as 'humorous'- of which this is a very worrying tell-tale sign.
  2. john posted on 03/19/2014 11:09 AM
    i dont like cats one bit and will never have one ( i am a dog person ) . but that dos not mean i am going to take a BB gun and shoot them . this is stupid . i say we tied this asshole to a tree and have a bunch of people take turns shooting him with BB guns .
  3. Alex K posted on 03/19/2014 01:34 PM
    These sickos must be found and prosecuted. We as a society need to bring back medieval torture, and give these people a taste of their own medicine. We'll televise the ordeal, and hopefully will never have to worry about this happening again. These people do not believe in rights, so why should we?
  4. Suz58 posted on 05/12/2014 06:40 AM
    This kind of behaviour is inexcusable! No reason what so ever. Hearing stories like this brings out a side of me I never thought I would feel about another human. I have have had a cat all my life, once on my own always had dogs as well. The biggest form of unconditional love you will ever find.
    This is a time when I wish animals could talk!
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