WATCH: Distracted driving just got more expensive

Fine increases from $155 to $280

Even before new legislation proposed by the province is rubber-stamped the cost of distracted driving is going up.

Starting Tuesday the cost of a distracted driving ticket is going up to $280 dollars. It was a change approved last month but took effect March 18th.

The change comes as distracted driving surpasses speed and alcohol as the number one killer on provincial roads.

According to provincial police 78 people died in crashes related to distracted driving in 2013.

57 died in crashes related to impaired driving and 44 in crashes related to speed.

Toronto Police launched a one-day distracted driving blitz Tuesday and Durham Regional Police began a traffic safety campaign that will focus on distracted driving and other dangerous driving behaviour.

On Monday the provincial government introduced new legislation that would increase fines for distracted drivers and impose new rules to keep cars and trucks one metre away from bicycles.

Transportation Minister Glen Murray says drivers caught using cellphones will face three demerit points and a maximum fine of one thousand dollars under his bill.

The Canadian Automobile Association says it's time distracted driving become as socially unacceptable as drunk driving and says increased penalties were needed because education has not worked.

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