WATCH: City Hall ponders safety policy changes after Rob Ford's melee with the media

Two photographers were knocked down and nearly trampled as the Mayor's hot dog run turned chaotic

It only lasted a few minutes, but it looked more like a mosh pit than reporters trying to question the Mayor of Canada's largest city.

A throng of reporters were trying to ask Mayor Rob Ford questions about the documents that were released on Wednesday.

It was after Ford had visited a food truck near Nathan Philips Square, and reportedly filmed a segment for an unknown food TV show, that reporters followed him back into City Hall.

Rob Ford was surrounded by four security guards, and kept looking for a 'guest,' who kept getting lost in the crowd.

But at one point, Ford started to sprint, getting physical with members of the media.

Two photographers and a security guard fell to the ground and were nearly trampled but no injuries were reported.

David Nickle, president of the City Hall Media Gallery, has requested a meeting to discuss his concerns over safety.

"I want to find out how Security can deal with this kind of situation ... as with anybody, this needs to be a safe workplace," he says.

City Hall's security department is pouring over footage of the melee.

Authorities are taking note of what went right and what did not.

They will consider whether changes to City Hall's security policy are needed to protect both those who work in the building and members of the public who might be stopping by to run errands or take in an open meeting.

City Hall Communications Director Jackie Desouza says Security relies on the Mayor's office to keep the department informed of Ford's movements but it had been given no advance notice of his trip to the hot dog truck.

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  1. dama posted on 03/19/2014 02:43 PM
    These NEW documents are OLD news from that same video.. so why are reporters behaving the way they did?

    Doing their jobs? and they expect the mayor to stop and answer the same old replies ????

    Bill Blair should charge Rob Ford if he thinks the old video with the NEW police text is sufficient enough to lay a charge... apparently not....

    The media is creating a circus at city hall not Rob Ford.. reporters chasing after Rob Ford will continue.....

    Stay tune......

    and you blame
    1. SojBee posted on 03/19/2014 02:52 PM
      @dama So true. Old news, always looking to give it new life, why, because they, the media do not want him as Mayor for the next 4 year cycle. I love that question, "Why won't you answer the taxpayers that elected you?" Seriously?! I think he means, himself and the other taxpayers who DID NOT vote for Ford aka 416ers.

      Most of us who did will never vote for Chow anyway, so clearly our votes are going elsewhere, so why would they think this crazy obsessive chase they have going is going to change anything anyway?
    2. George posted on 03/19/2014 05:06 PM
      @SojBee You do understand that only 416ers voted for Rob Ford, right?
  2. sojbee posted on 03/19/2014 02:45 PM
    Bunch of Papazatzi. Who was the lunatic disguising as a reporter screaming at the Mayor, like he was going to lynch him or something?! They act like such parasites!
    1. johnny posted on 03/19/2014 02:57 PM
      @sojbee there's only one parasite in that video. the one who would put the city, and even more important than that, his children through what he is putting them through. resign, get help, disappear into his cushy life with deco labels. give his children a normal childhood instead of being known as the crack mayor's kids.
    2. sojiBee posted on 03/19/2014 03:46 PM
      @johnny No arguments from me there!!

      But that is no excuse for the mindless chasing down of this mayor. They appear obsessed, extreme and intimidating. Repeatedly asking the same questions the man has already addressed - i maintain they are doing so not because of tax payers, but because they don't want him as mayor! What better way than the resuscitate a dying story!
    3. NoJo posted on 03/19/2014 06:37 PM
      @johnny Wow, could you be any MORE self-righteous and bitter?!
  3. KJ posted on 03/19/2014 02:59 PM
    Really? Your blaming the Media?
    He dug his hole, and if he didn't like it, he would have/should have resigned.
    Good on the reporters to try and hold him accountable.
    Plus, they are only doing their job.
    HE insists on making that job harder by not being truthful, transparent or holding any kind of statements in a civil manor.
    If he handled this in a normal manor - with press releases/conferences/statements, reporters would not need to chase him down/ go to his home/ film him otherwise.
    But he seems to enjoy the chaos he leaves in his wake.

    At least he's getting a little exercise in...
    What a joke.
    1. dama posted on 03/19/2014 05:13 PM
      @KJ Yes, I blame the media. for this s old news and yes it is also an old joke..
      and yes he dug his own OLD hole.. is there ant new development or video that he is smoking CRACK NOW?
      You know what is NEW? the judge (the white hair guy) narrating the
      play by play for the media..

      From that OLD video, I think you dont have to be a rocket scientist to "assume" that Rob Ford was smoking something.. is it crack,, probably.. but Bill Blair does not have enough to charge him..

      He ha sth right not to answer or even talk to any reporter,, so quit asking him question knowing that he will not answer..

      I will probably do the same.. for it had been asked and answered..
  4. Jose posted on 03/19/2014 03:01 PM
    I for one will not vote for Olivia Chow. Certainly not voting for Ford - not then, not ever. Torontonians are stuck as we have to have an elect who has a % higher than Ford. Let's say Ford gets 30%, Chow gets close at 28%, Candidate A gets 27%; Candidate B gets 15%. It doesn't matter if the rest is >30% in total, no one got 31% so there you go - We are stuck as a people - with a Mayor who drinks unresponsibly. True the other politicians drink BUT not to this level. True Torontonians drink beyond reason BUT they are also not running a city. Comes with a high title is high obligation and high responsibility. Rob Ford cannot compare himself getting wasted to a regular Torontonian as not everyone has a responsibility like his. Our responsibility is to our families and the pedestrians to be safe. Rob Ford is responsible for his family, the pedestrians AND is accountable in running this city. Not exactly the same.
    1. SojBee posted on 03/19/2014 03:40 PM
      @Jose Couldn't have said it better!! I am stuck too. So very upset at everything. The next best thing is John Tory; but still a bit unsure about that too. As someone who voted for Ford, I am immensely disappointed in his behaviour and personal life choices, as it DOES affect the city! But I am just as disappointed in some of media who have had it out for this guy from day one, when you have the Star following you on vacation to Florida, that's a big deal!When you have Ford's face photoshop'd on a naked obese body on the cover on NOW newspaper the very week he took office, that sets the tone! But something finally sticks, albeit Ford's own doing.

      I am upset on a colossal level! Upset at the whole system, where people's unsubstantiated interviews can be released and used in a smearing campaign against another person! Knowing fully well that once released, the report is useless in a court of law, and at the very least casts a lot of public doubt on the object of the report. Having said all that Ford has ZERO excuses! He is a full grown man, and a politician for 14 years! He should very well know better and stop behaving like an unruly teenager, getting repeatedly drunk and smocking elicit drugs! Same goes for Winn, and Trudeau who actually smoked Pot as an MP! So the question is was it on tax payers time or was it not, and where did he smoke it?! But I digress – Ford has no excuses and he has a lot of work to do to garnish my vote.
    2. dama posted on 03/19/2014 05:21 PM
      @SojBee Granted,, what Rob Ford did ,, is inexcusable.. but you know what.. many underdogs want Rob Ford to win again even with all his shenanigans, for they dont want John Tory - too elitist,, Chow.. tax and spend..

      Rob Ford, if he wins his 2 term, will fire all the current chairs and place people that he can work with to pursue his agendas.

      So, it is going to be a very interesting election.. and to me, whoever wins beside Rob Ford ,, Toronto City Hall will be no better... for you really dont know what they wil do.. with Rob Ford.. you will....

  5. john posted on 03/19/2014 03:04 PM
    out of my way BITCH .

    what ! he dont have all day u know .
    1. Marcus posted on 03/19/2014 03:48 PM
      @john @john - As the old saying goes "out of the abundance of your heart, your heart speaks". With the way you speak, am sure it comes out of your demeanor. You are so angry - it's eating you out.
    2. Peter posted on 03/19/2014 04:05 PM
      @Marcus That's Rob Ford's favourite dinner item! And it's not anger that causes him to eat out his honey!
  6. Ken posted on 03/19/2014 03:52 PM
    Slow news day in Toronto?

    The herd of wannabe reporters and wannabe photographers should be trailing Olivia Chow.

    Let's ask her ;

    Why they took an apartment in a co-op meant for low income and struggling people, why they did not pay market rent, why when they were outed that they threw a few token dollars at the issue but never anything near market rent.

    Why Chow and Layton were always two of the highest spenders of all the federal MPs?

    Why she manipulated the Ontario health system by showing those on welfare how to steal additional extra money from the government?

    Why she abused her position on the Toronto Police Services Board and threatened front line riot prevention cops for doing their job against the anarchists within the allegedly Union of unemployed?

    Why she never supported the sex trade workers in their dangerous daily plight - even after Jack Layton was caught in a rub-n-tug with his naked body in the cookie jar?

    Why she feels she is "experienced" when she has never held a real job in her adult life. She has been sucking and blowing on the public teat for over 30 years. She has trained her step son how to blow and suck on the public teat!

    My advice to Toronto? A - B - C ! ...Anyone But Chow!
    1. Sonny posted on 03/19/2014 04:42 PM
      @Ken The documents relate to Ford the liar because the video exists! Chow did not come out defiantly and say "I do not smoke crack..."
    2. MYOB posted on 03/19/2014 06:40 PM
      @Sonny And you know this HOW, intrepid boy reporter?

      You are just another shill parroting whatever chief Blair says.
    3. David posted on 03/19/2014 07:48 PM
      @Ken Co-ops are mixed income, they include people with high incomes who do not get subsidy, but pay the market rate. The Layton's not only paid the market rate, but topped it off voluntarily. Get your facts straight !
    4. Frankie posted on 03/19/2014 11:39 PM
      @David What crack pipe have you been smoking from? Layton topped up the rent when it was shown they were paying below market, then they left like thieves in the night. Why leave and why top up the rent if they weren't doing anything wrong?

      Actions speak louder than words and those actions speak volumes about Chow and the dishonesty she's pushing. As the saying goes, if it smells like a duck, looks like a duck, walks like a duck, IT'S A DUCK!

      I guess you're one of those Chow voters that drink the kool-aid.
  7. Angry Bill posted on 03/19/2014 03:58 PM
    Well, watching that video was embarrassing. For the media. If I were a reporter, I'd be embarrassed to be part of that crowd. Ford is what he is, but that was just embarrassing.
    1. Sojbee posted on 03/19/2014 04:21 PM
      @Angry Bill The more they chase down this mayor the more ridiculous and petty they look! Ignore the man and cover real news! Gain some credibility - there is certainly none barking obsessively up this tree!
  8. Etobi-COKE Citizen posted on 03/19/2014 04:56 PM
    Another half day for the Mayor .....................

    Thanks you checking in
  9. Dennis posted on 03/19/2014 06:52 PM
    Why do reporters even bother? Can't they find better news that actually have value. These reporters feed into what the Fords want. They enjoy the limelight. Can't we have new things on the headlines with greater value. Whatabout stories about very diligent promising kids, or our local charitable volunteers, or our returning Soldiers, or our most distinguished retired people who continue to volunteer and give to the community...something encouraging and of value to all who read. These articles in the front lines are once that brings us to embarrassment and has no bearing none whatsoever of what a great Canadian really is. If you must challenge the Mayor, let me suggest giving him a pen and a paper and see if he can even write O Canada.
  10. Paul posted on 03/19/2014 07:07 PM
    Can you imagine if reporters had mobbed Lastman or Miller like that? There would be police intervention in four seconds flat, reporters facing assault charges, and comparisons to the assassination attempt on Reagan.

    But because it's Ford, nobody cares that he may have been in danger? This city is sick. At least the election is nice and simple: ABC, ANYONE BUT CHOW.
    1. Townie posted on 03/20/2014 01:12 PM
      @Paul Can you imagine if Lastman or Miller smoked crack like that? Nah, me neither.
    2. Paul posted on 03/20/2014 01:30 PM
      @Townie RIGHT, because that completely justifies endangering the most effective mayor we've had in decades. Sorry, I totally forgot that we're supposed to look at this using Left-Logic (tm).
  11. Karl Burgin posted on 03/20/2014 10:24 AM
    Utterly disgusting....if ever the media earned the title 'maggots' it was certainly yesterday.
    And to those that enjoy blaming Ford for everything- from embarrassing Toronto, to being a bad role model for kids, to the cause of a drunk driver running into a crowded festival- do you still believe that the media isn't pat of the equation?

    Take a good look at the video/article above, and tell me otherwise if you dare.
    1. Mark7 posted on 03/20/2014 03:46 PM
      @Karl Burgin You're right again, as always, Karl. The CFRB reporter was a big part of this problem, reporting on it first hand, unlike those media animals outside our sacred mayor's office. This radio journalist (I use the term loosely) is seen to be the instigator.

      Good catch, Karl, I watched the video a million times and missed this entirely. Bunch of media maggots picking on our glorious leader just because he brought us three new subway stops and saved us a billion dollars. Oh, the humanity! Doug needs to step in and give those animals a good tongue lashing, he knows that his brother Rob is one step from sainthood.
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