Ford files statement of defence in lawsuit against him

Ford's former brother in law filed the suit following a jailhouse beating in March of 2012....

Mayor Rob Ford has filed a statement of defence in a lawsuit filed by his sister's ex husband, Scott MacIntyre.

MacIntyre claimed in the lawsuit filed in January, that Ford arranged to have him beaten up while he was in prison.

He says the video, which was later released to the Toronto Star, showing an angry Ford ranting about fighting and uttering death threats, was proof that backed his case.

In his statement, Ford says he was merely imitating a professional wrestler in the privacy of a friend's home.

He says the video was 'meant as a joke'.

Ford says through his lawyers that the claim lacks merit and calls the accusations frivolous.

Police never opened a criminal investigation into the case simply because MacIntyre filed a civil suit.

MacIntyre was attacked while being held at the Toronto West Detention Centre in March of 2012.

He says he suffered a broken left arm, and cuts to his face along with dental damage.

The lawsuit is seeking 1 million dollars in general and special damages.

Nothing has been proven in court.

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  1. Adriane Taylr posted on 05/04/2014 08:09 PM
    As the Chinese water torture continues, the drip, drip, drip of criticism levelled at Mayor Ford is sufficient to erode the most valiant of warriors. If you were one of the many who voted for Rob Ford in the last Municipal election, you have been disenfranchised by less than 44 left leaning councillors. My message to The People is are witnessing the demise of Democracy in Ontario...if the lefties win and Rob Ford is turfed from power and disallowed to run again, Magna Carta, The British North Amerca Act, and The Charter of Rights and Freedoms become nothing more than tattered remnants of paper tossed into the big blue bin along with all those votes...more votes than any other politician in the history of Canada...
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