A Scarbrough Couple's Nightmare

Couple has Pomeranian stolen from apartment

It's a pet owner's nightmare.

You're living in an apartment building and you go downstairs to grab the mail or get your laundry and you return to your apartment to find that your dog is missing.

That's what happened to Sean Wright on March 12th when he returned to his apartment on Pharmacy Avenue near St. Clair and found his Pomeranian Paige had been taken.

It was that very same day that Sean and his wife received a call from a man claiming to have their missing dog.

"Eventually he started asking if we wanted a dog. It was at that point we realized that he was speaking about our dog." said Shane Wright.

The couple was able to get the man to admit that he contacted them using the ID tag on the dog's collar.

Sean and Amanda Wright contacted Toronto Police but felt the case was going nowhere.

That's when the couple requested video surveillance footage from their apartment building on Pharmacy Avenue.

They were able to find images of a man entering their apartment building and then leaving with what appeared to be a small Pomeranian dog.

But they didn't stop there. The couple received tips from people in the community who spotted their "Missing Dog" flyers and those tips led them to a building on Glen Everest Road. The Wrights were able to retrieve surveillance footage from that building as well.

The images show a man with what appears to be a Pomeranian dog in his hands. Another image shows that same man leaving the elevator with a woman who is holding the dog.

Shane and Amanda Wright even received tips from the male suspect's family as they were able to identify him through his contact with a neighbour.

Now they are hoping to track down the unidentified woman seen in the surveillance images. A tip from a neighbour in the Glen Everest building said the woman is believed to have been visiting from Peterborough and likely returned to that area with the dog.

The couple says at this point they just want their dog Paige returned.

Toronto police have confirmed that they have started an investigation into the matter.

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