WATCH: Opposition snap back at premier

Questions of a spring provincial election continue

The stage for a spring election is being set.

The province's opposition parties are slamming attacks made by the Premier last night, as Kathleen Wynne underlined she has the "safe hands" to lead Ontario.

Wynne claims opposition parties are "reckless" but both the NDP and Progressive Conservatives say she has the whole thing backwards.

PC MPP Jane McKenna questions the premier's attacks underlining the Wynne government's "safe hands" steered the wheel of the gas plant cancellations which cost the province $1 billion.

"If that's the steady hand of who you want running this province, God help us all," McKenna said.

NDP house leader Gilles Bisson also pointed to the cancellations.

With the NDP helping to pass the minority Liberal budget twice, Bisson won't come right out and say his party will vote a minority Liberal budget down after the Premier's attacks. That would trigger an election.

He says it's all in the Premier's hands, who he says is focused on doing what's best for her party not residents.

The finance minister says he'll table a budget sometime this spring.

The Tories have already said they will not support it.

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  1. Frankie posted on 03/21/2014 02:36 PM
    Wynne's comments that the other parties are reckless and we're in good hands with the Liberals suggest she must be on crack or some other hallucinogen and should be investigated.

    I wonder if that's what Horvath told her to say as it's obvious to all but the idiots that continue to vote Liberal that Wynne is Horvath's b***h. When Horvath says "jump" Wynne asks "how high?"

    Keeping the Liberals in power is like having a pedophile running a daycare.
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