Harper travels to Ukraine to become first G7 leader to stand beside new regime

The prime minister, along with Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird, meets with both the new prime minister and president of Ukraine amid the most ominous eastern European crisis since the Cold War.

Stephen Harper becomes the first G7 leader to witness first-hand the tumult in Ukraine when he visits Kyiv today.
The prime minister, along with Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird, meets with both the new prime minister and president of Ukraine amid the most ominous eastern European crisis since the Cold War.
Harper is taking a day trip from the Netherlands to reiterate Canada's support to Ukraine the day after Russia formally annexed Crimea.
As he arrived in The Hague on Friday night, Harper announced new sanctions against Russian officials and the bank that finances them.
The economic restrictions and travel bans cover senior Russian bureaucrats, including the intelligence chief of the Russian general staff and more of President Vladimir Putin's aides and advisers.
The sanctions also forbid Canadian citizens and companies from doing business with Bank Rossiya.

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  1. arthur posted on 03/22/2014 11:04 AM
    now isn't this such a touching democratic thing to do. Our country is all ready committing our money to some puppet regime we know nothing about.
    So Ukraine drives some democratically elected guy out of town corrupt as he may is (civilised countries have impeachment laws they follow) they install some guy unelected now this guy wants other countries to give money to them. Canada is the first to show up and give this people cred? Please!
    It's politics for the base back home.
    Canada mind your own freakin business we don't belong sticking our nose in ethnic divisions we know nothing about.
    This country has been a basket case of corruption for decades.
  2. AdrianoC1981 posted on 03/22/2014 02:03 PM
    The sad thing here is that the western world(Canadian & American Governments) can't grasp the fact that the overwhelming majority of people in Crimea voted to separate from the Ukraine. If we believe in "democracy", then why will our government refuse to recognize the voice of the people of Crimea. Now our government will just throw our hard earned tax dollars to a unelected Ukrainian government without considering how the people of Canada actually feel about the situation. In Canada we have people starving and struggling to survive, but our governments are not willing to help support them, the ones in their own backyard. I've grown to realize that the word "democracy" is a big crock of S H I T!!! All democracy gives you is the right to vote for corrupt government officials who will take your money and do as they please with it. In this day in age, every major decision that is made by the government should be made in a referendum type vote(over the Internet) so we the people have more say in this so called democratic western civilization in which we live. Help your own people before you help everyone else. Stop being the American's lap dog and try to make your own decisions. COWARDS!
  3. Mark7 posted on 03/22/2014 02:31 PM
    Harper is now the poster boy for monumental hypocrisy. After supporting Israels's annexation of the West Bank, regime change in Libya, and the occupation of Afghanistan, he now condemns Russia?

    Give us a break...Canadians are much smarter than he thinks. I'm appalled by his ignorance. He is nothing more than a war criminal and has participated in the death of hundreds of thousands of women, children, and non combatants.
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