WATCH: Wynne fires up delegates, takes aim at rivals at Toronto convention

Party appears to be gearing up for spring election

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne is putting Prime Minister Stephen Harper in her crosshairs as she girds for a possible spring election.

Addressing the party faithful in Toronto, she says his opposition to pension reform is somewhere between "offensive and inexplicable."

Wynne says he'll hurt the middle class across Canada, so if he can't lead the way, Harper should get out of the way.

But she also took a page from his election playbook, painting her provincial Liberals as the safe, steady alternative to the reckless Tories and New Democrats.

Wynne says the Progressive Conservatives want a war with labour, while the untested NDP has no plan for the economy.

Well-funded public transit, keeping Ontario's hospitals public and protecting the Great Lakes could make it into the Liberals' next election platform.

Party officials say one of those policy ideas, which were selected from suggestions from thousands of party and non-party members, will be in the document.

It's likely public transit will factor prominently, as Wynne has been talking for months about dedicated funding for a major transit expansion in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton area.

And an election could be around the corner if the minority Liberals fail to pass their spring budget, whose date hasn't been announced yet.

Delegates at the party's annual general meeting in Toronto are already getting ready with training sessions designed to prepare them for the next campaign.

"What Leadership Is'' is the other slogan the party is using to brand Wynne, who was sworn in as premier just over a year ago, but has plenty of experience having spent years at the cabinet table.

But the opposition parties say those so-called Liberal "safe hands" cancelled two unpopular gas plants at a cost of up to $1 billion and are driving up energy rates.

There are also two criminal investigations underway, including one into the suspicious business activities of Ornge, the province's air ambulance service.

The Liberals are driving out businesses with high taxes and energy rates and catering to unions at the taxpayers' expense, the Tories said.

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  1. Walter posted on 03/22/2014 01:57 PM
    Please call the election.

    I do not think that anyone is stupid enough to still support the Liberals.

    10 years ago nobody could have ever imagined that we would have faced so many scandals and reduced Ontario to have not status. Now, I can not imagine a single thinking person still supporting this band of incompetent crooks.
    1. Dawn posted on 03/22/2014 03:06 PM
      @Walter There will be a budget this spring that will be a confidence vote.
      Ontario contributes $11 Billion more to the Country than it gets back from the Cons like PQ, Lib or PC gov'ts in the Atlantic.
      People will vote Lib because of Hudak which Newstalk listeners are loath to support...
    2. Mark posted on 03/22/2014 09:07 PM
      @Dawn No Dawn.

      People who are idiots will vote liberal. Or, they are the selfish scum public sector or teacher union pigs who the liberals pay for support that will vote liberal.

      Franky Dawny, If you vote liberal and you are not in a hog infested union, then that would make you one of the idiots.
    3. Mary McNaul posted on 03/23/2014 08:01 AM
      @Walter People will be stupid enough to vote for Wynn and the Liberals just as they did in the last election. These stupid people get what they deserve. Can we believe anything that comes out of the budget. What happened with McGuinty, he just went ahead and raised taxes anyway so don't believe everything she says.
  2. DouglasT_0726 posted on 03/22/2014 03:36 PM
    No doubt about it. She's a looker.
    1. Mark posted on 03/23/2014 01:32 PM
      @DouglasT_0726 That`s gross Dooooglass. What are you thinking man. Wynne Bag looks more like Daniel Craig then she looks like a woman. In fact,,,,,,, is wynne bag a woman.

      Oh well, I guess there is someone for everyone. Good luck buddy. Whatever turns your crank.

  3. Ernie posted on 03/22/2014 04:28 PM
    They may need to change the name of the party to "The Green Party"
  4. Nicholas posted on 03/22/2014 08:55 PM
    If the Liberals win I despair of this province and the people in it. I am not inspired by Tim Hudak, but it baffles me that anyone could support a party with such a staggering legacy of waste, and lies (extending back to Dalton McGuinty's elaborate 'not raising taxes' pantomime).
  5. Mark posted on 03/23/2014 09:18 AM
    The only people who will be in Wynne Bags "save hands" if the libranos win the next election will be the piggy public sector and the selfish pig teachers. These pigs will work like rabid dogs to keep the corrupt incompetent libranos in power.

    The fact is - Ontario is damaged beyond repair. Our pig teachers now make much more than most lawyers and engineers and they are the new rich in our province. With this, and the billons lost through corruption, we are doomed.

    I hate liberals and the idiots who vote for them.
  6. AC posted on 03/23/2014 11:07 AM
    I don't really see an election until the full term is up. The NDP is in a sweet spot to get some of their agenda through and this is what the voter wants in a minority government for all parties to work together. unfortunately the do eff all conservatives just like to remain on the sidelines and do eff all. I hate Hudak and his repressive irresponsible policies that only give more to corporations line their pockets and hurt the everyday taxpayer. must not be the conservatives in charge or we have Detroit where the greedy capitalists and the crooked bankers without oversight. have we not learned this system almost took down a whole nation to the South a few years back
    1. Frankie posted on 03/23/2014 03:04 PM
      @AC You conveniently ignore the economies of countries such as Spain, Portugal, Greece, etc. whose irresponsible socialist policies have brought them to the point of bankruptcy. Ontario's debt is 5X that of California and they were terribly mismanaged and almost bankrupt as well due to their spending habits.

      Hudak and the Conservatives have done eff all, as you claim, because they're not in power. The Liberals and their NDP masters (or mistresses) are in power and Ontario has become a disaster.

      Perhaps Hudak would be a mess for Ontario, perhaps not. What is certain is the Liberal track record that is ruining this province.

      After 11 years of stealing, incompetence and mismanagement perhaps it's time we took a chance rather than voted to guarantee a continuing disaster.
  7. Walter posted on 03/23/2014 11:09 AM
    I work for the Provincial Government. My job is to implement the will of the democratically elected government. This government is encouraging us to spend money - with no regard for whether the money is being spent wisely. I really have no choice but to waste money. In my area, it is between $100M to $200M per year. I am sure many other departments in many other ministries are doing the same.

    Should I go against the wishes of the democratically elected government and try to spend money efficiently - I say NO. Democracy would fall apart if the civil service did their own thing and did not respect the democratic will of the people.

    So I will continue to merrily waste money until the citizens of the Province make the statement that waste will not be tolerated. This can only be done with an election and a change in governing party. I really hope that the people are smart enough to vote in the Conservatives, because I personally do not like wasting all this money - it is just something I have to do. 10 or 15 years ago, when called upon by the government of the day, our Office ran a very efficient operation, so it is possible if we only had a government that cared about spending wisely.
  8. Teacher posted on 03/23/2014 01:40 PM
    Hey you complainers.

    Shut up and keep working hard so you all can pay taxes to keep lobster on my plate.

    With me, my co-workers, and my union friends on side with the libs you all have no hope in hell of stopping us. Face it - this province is ours and we intend to keep it and to suck it dry.

    Our great leader Wynne, who we control BTW, will delay this election until the early summer so we can fill the liberal campaign offices with supporters. Because, as you know my friends, WE have the summer off with pay while you work.

    Give it up. Either stay at home or go to work. That is your lives, so get used to it.
    1. Laura posted on 03/23/2014 04:38 PM
      @Teacher How can we fight scum like this? Easily. We vote Conservative, and we keep voting Conservative until we finally have a sensible government again.

      In the meantime, donate to Working Canadians: a volunteer organization devoted to raising awareness of the completely unethical influence unions have over the democratic process. And even better, your donation is tax-deductible.

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