Liberals won't table NDP budget

Premier says this year, it's going to be based on Liberal principles

The Premier is underlining they won't negotiate with either opposition party about the budget, stressing it will be based on Liberal principles.

Last year, the minority government had a public back-and-forth with the NDP, resulting in the third party helping to get the budget passed.

But Premier Kathleen Wynne says her government won't be doing public talks this year. She says there are things in the budget which could be supported by either the NDP or Tories.

The Tories have outlined they won't support the budget.

Finance Minister Charles Sousa says he's open to suggestions from anyone, pointing to public consultations. However, he says he hasn't heard too many ideas coming from the NDP.

The budget is expected to be tabled sometime this spring.

Sousa underlines the province is still on track to balance the budget, with plans to get rid of teh deficit by 2017-18.

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  1. Jack posted on 03/24/2014 04:32 PM
    The choice is clear: Hudak for Premier! We need a strong Blue majority to clean up the festering, reeking mess that the Liberals have made of this province.
  2. Frankie posted on 03/24/2014 05:34 PM
    Liberal principles Wynne is referring to -

    Steal $ 1 Billion
    Waste billions in health portfolio
    no wage increases for civil servants
    give a free pass to natives to beat people almost to death
    create the dumbest energy program that will hurt consumers and manufacturers for the next quarter century
    put Ontario in debt 5X per capita compared to California

    I'm sure I've forgotten many many more Liberal "principles"
    1. Angry Bill posted on 03/25/2014 10:04 AM
      @Frankie I was going to post about Wynne's principles, but you beat me to it, Frankie.
    2. john posted on 03/25/2014 12:00 PM
      @Frankie u forgot one mate .

      trying to make this province to be the Canadian version of Detroit .
  3. Dean posted on 03/24/2014 06:02 PM
    The Liberal vision for Ontario is to slap you in the face and steal your wallet, use your money to buy every welfare recipient a new bong and every union stooge a steak dinner, and then hand you the scraps to feed your own family. Forever.

    Conservatives are who we need, we've had it with that Liberal greed!
    1. Karl Burgin posted on 03/25/2014 11:16 AM
      @Dean "Conservatives are who we need, we've had it with that Liberal greed!"

      It's the ONLY viable choice left. And people have to wake up and smell the coffee; and stop being afraid of what Hudak might do, and focus on what Wynne WILL do, if they stay in government.
  4. Mark posted on 03/24/2014 06:29 PM
    Who cares what wynne bag says. Canada's most corrupt government in history will lie through their teeth any chance they get.

    Wynne bags "safe hands" are only safe for piggy teachers and the rest of the piggy public sector. It's time to smash wynne bags corrupt government and dump them all out in the middle of Lake Ontario. Oh, maybe not. The pollution would be to bad.
  5. john posted on 03/25/2014 11:58 AM
    the Liberal principles are the following

    get rid of emails . ( lol lol lol lol lol )

    people say high to a spring election .
    1. Karl Burgin posted on 03/27/2014 09:45 AM
      @john I doubt we'd be see an election of any sort, anytime soon.
    2. Fact Provider posted on 03/27/2014 10:11 AM
      @Karl Burgin You are very likely correct on this last point.

      With an election stalled - and - if the Tories can muster up the "stuff" to dump Hudak and attract some decent candidates for a change - the Tories just might squeak out a win next time around.
      As it stands they could, conceivably, come in 3rd.
    3. Karl Burgin posted on 03/27/2014 12:15 PM
      @Fact Provider Well....I'm glad to say, I totally agree with you here.

      At last, we can agree on something ;p
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