Executive committee to continue debating expansion of Billy Bishop Airport

Hundreds registered to speak, which could push the meeting over two days...

Mayor Rob Ford might be feeling the heat from plenty of angry and concerned torontonians today.

The executive committee will consider a staff report about the expansion of Toronto's Island airport at their meeting today.

The report takes a phased approach to growth, tying it to transit and road improvements while putting a maximum on how many travellers and planes can pass through.

The recommendation is to cap the number of passengers at 2.4-million/year and limit the number of takeoffs and landings to 202.

No Jets T.O. and Transport Action Ontario are just two of the groups who are against the idea.

Committee members will listen to deputations from the public, and there's a chance that the meeting could continue into Wednesday, depending on how many there are.

Porter Airlines' president and CEO, Robert Deluce released a statement earlier this week saying,

    "The city staff report is a solid step forward as it clearly identifies the airport's value and the potential positive impact of Porter's plans. Most of the requirements outlined are not unexpected, but need to be addressed in a timely manner. Flight and passenger caps recommended in the report are stringent. We support caps in principle, but believe they require further discussion. To proceed with our aircraft order, we need greater certainty regarding timelines and look forward to discussions at Executive Committee and City Council."


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  1. Frankie posted on 03/25/2014 09:55 AM
    Porter should arrange for every passenger to record comments and they should be presented as deputations to city hall. It'd help counterbalance those who show up, many of them activists that don't work for a living, just live off welfare and troll to left wing causes.
    1. Sonny posted on 03/25/2014 02:22 PM
      @Frankie Porter was trying to buy planes before the passage of changes! Porter agreed to not fly jets as a condition to start up. Ford supports Porter with out complete details and information.
    2. Frankie posted on 03/25/2014 04:39 PM
      @Sonny When Porter started up these jets weren't available. Now they're available and they're quiet, so that addresses the original jet issue.

      Porter ordered jets with a cancellation clause if they don't get approval, and Bombardier accepted, so what's your point? Criticizing him for being smart?

      There are a limited takeoff and landing slots per day which will constrain the number of flights which the anti-expansion crowd conveniently ignores.

      As to the number of passengers arriving/departing the airport and the congestion that's an issue that does need consideration.

      Other issues such as danger, etc. are pure crap, as is the dredging, etc. I never heard Adam Vaughan and his cronies complain when all those condos went up that required filling in Lake Ontario and destroying the waterfront, as well as all the congestion that's been created as a result.

      They should have addressed that infrastructure need decades ago when they approved all that development.
    3. Sonny posted on 03/25/2014 07:24 PM
      @Frankie What is the exact decibel level of the jets?

      Who will pay for the $100-200 million in upgrades at the foot of Bathurst?

      Adam Vaughan and his cronies stopped the Casinos.

      City staff approved the condos and we get the large developements because of the OMB
  2. HelenT posted on 03/25/2014 10:19 AM
    I believe that it is short sighted to block the expansion of the Island Airport Once again the city will lose an opportunity to enhance services to the city. Many people hate flying into Pearson and a large city such as Toronto would benefit from this expansion. Even the air ambulance services would benefit from having the ability to have jet service into the island airport.
    1. Frankie posted on 03/25/2014 01:58 PM
      @HelenT You're absolutely correct about short-sighted however, that's the exact nature of Toronto City Council. It's primarily made up of small-minded people who only care about staying in power until the next election, and the hell with the city they've been entrusted to run.

      That's why subways are a shambles, traffic lights are no longer synched, food trucks are a rarity, etc.

      It is frightening that such a large city is run by so many dysfunctional idiots, mostly on the left.
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