City council will debate Billy Bishop Airport expansion

The city's executive committee voted 11-1 in favour of moving ahead with talks

Mayor Rob Ford felt the heat from plenty of angry and concerned torontonians on Tuesday during the debate over whether to expand Billy Bishop Airport.

The meeting ended around 10:30 p.m. after listening to about 150 people who signed up to share their opinions.

Ultimately, the executive committee voted 11-1 in favour of advancing the debate and pushing the talks through to city council's meeting, next week.

There were a few changes added during the meeting that could put additional restrictions on Porter, specifically an amendment that states only a quarter of flights in and out of the airport may be jets.

The latest report from staffers also recommended capping the number of passengers at 2.4-million/year and limiting the number of takeoffs and landings to 202.

At one point, Mayor Rob Ford wanted to push for a conditional approval of the expansion, but that failed to get support by a vote of 8-4. City staffers said they don't want to rush through this process and the final decision should be put off until more research and planning can be done.

Speaking to NewsTalk 1010's Joe Warmington on The Late Shift on Tuesday evening, Mayor Ford said he was frustrated.

"I felt sorry for Bob Deluce and his team down there. He put his own money on the line, he built a great airline, and he wants a few jets. You know, you look at Europe, there are jets everywhere on island airports and it's created thousands of jobs," he said.

The mayor continued, "This is going to stimulate the economy and these councillors are just frustrating. I'm a little frustrated because I want to do it now, and they just want to make it a political issue."

Porter wants to extend the runway by 200 metres at each end and use passenger jets at the waterfront airport. However, jet-powered aircraft are banned from that site because of a triparte agreement signed in 1983 by the city, the Toronto Port Authority and Transport Canada.

Meanwhile, Ford said he isn't going to give up the fight for this expansion.
"I'm going to try to move the same motion at council next week, try to expedite it," the mayor said. He added that Deluce and his staff aren't getting ahead in a worthwhile project because of city staffers' lame-duck excuses.

Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly is also in favour of speeding up the process and giving the airport the green light.


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  1. Frankie posted on 03/26/2014 10:06 AM
    Here's how city council works. They need to approve new toilet paper for city hall and community housing.

    1. what type - 1 ply, 2 ply, bigger sheets, smaller sheets - hold public hearings
    2. environmental assessment - 2 years
    3. make sure the manufacturer is unionized
    4. do they get their paper from labour using slaves, prisoners, children, disadvantaged people?
    5. most councillors need to visit the manufacturers bidding
    6. Adam Vaughan declares 2 manufacturers are in Kensington Market, despite their being 20 km away so they're off the list despite being cheapest cost and most environmentally friendly manufacturers
    7. council determines they're all so full of s**t they need a new study because of the volume of toilet paper required
    8. 10 years have passed and they're now down to the final 3 manufacturers when a new invention comes

    Start all over.
  2. John posted on 03/26/2014 12:28 PM
    even if council was to say yes which i don't think they will. it would be years and years decade or more before anything was to go forward. private citizens/groups would commence litigation towards Porter for breach of contract that was explained by some attorney's yesterday. i'm divided on it. i live a 10 minute walk away from Porter
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