Online petition calls for craft beer at Jays games

The man who started the petition says fans are sick and tired of Labatt's "strangehold" on the marketplace in the Rogers Centre

As the Blue Jays start their new season, a fan has started an online petition calling for a better beer selection at the Rogers Centre.

The Jays' home opener is on Friday, when you'll be able to choose from brews like Budweiser, Keith's, Stella Artois, Sleeman's and Sapporo. The beer is distributed by two companies, Anheuser-Busch InBev and Sapporo, which are both foreign-owned.

"I would like one single Canadian-owned brewery at the Dome," Phil Cacace, who started the petition, tells Newstalk 1010's Jim Richards. "At the moment there are zero."

He argues that fans deserve "better" beer.

"We are sick and tired of Labatt's (Anheuser-Busch InBev) stranglehold on the marketplace in the Dome. Bringing on Sleeman (Sapporo) as your secondary supplier (as mandated by Ontario law) is a short sighted, ignorant, greedy & corporate move that we won't stand for," the petition says.

Last year, the Rogers Centre offered Steamwhistle as a local beer, but the brewery lost its deal after just one season.

"[Steamwhistle] is literally across the street," Cacace says. "We should be building a pipeline and getting Steamwhistle piped in directly."

Cacace says the Jays and Rogers Centre should try harder to be "good members" of the community.

"As the only Major League Baseball team in the country, shouldn't we be showcasing some of our local breweries?" He asks. "Buy local... especially when there's literally a brewery across the street from you. There's no excuse."


Blue Jays lose season opener

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