Federal Liberal MP quits, joins Toronto municipal race

MP Jim Karygiannis looking to spend more time closer to home..

Liberal MP Jim Karygiannis is quitting the federal political arena after 25 years to enter Toronto municipal politics.

The controversial MP says he intends to run for city council in Ward 39, which overlaps much of the Scarborough-Agincourt riding he's represented since 1988.

He'll file his nomination papers on Wednesday morning.

The current councillor in that ward is Michael Del Grande, who already announced he would not be seeking re-election.

He'd been criticized in the past for speaking harshly to staff and civil servants.

Karygiannis says his decision was prompted by a desire to spend more time with his wife, five grown daughters and elderly mother, while continuing to defend the interests of his constituents.

However, the 58-year-old may also have concluded that his talent for bare-knuckle organizing, employed by both Jean Chretien and Paul Martin to secure the party's leadership, is unlikely to be valued by Justin Trudeau.

The new leader has declared he won't tolerate the nasty infighting that he believes contributed to the decline of the once-mighty Liberals into a third-party rump.

Trudeau's team sent a strong signal on that front last month, barring Christine Innes from running for the Liberal nomination in Toronto's Trinity-Spadina after receiving complaints about alleged bullying and intimidation tactics by her husband, former MP Tony Ianno.

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  1. Ryan posted on 04/01/2014 04:22 PM
    One less Liberal on Parliament Hill? GOOD!

    One more lefty in the race to drain Chow's votes? EVEN BETTER!

    ABC, easy as 1-2-3, simple as do-re-mi, ABC, ANYTHING BUT CHOW, now who's with me?
    1. Scarborough Northwesterner posted on 04/01/2014 11:04 PM
      @Ryan Not going up against Pseudo-Mayor Norm?
      He can live on his Parliamentary Pension--SOO Wong--ready to go to Ottawa?
  2. dama posted on 04/02/2014 02:29 PM
    If he REALLY REALLY wants to SPEND more time with his wife and GROWN children...

    RETIRE !!!!!!!!

    so he wants a easier job in councillor and double dipping our hard earned tax dollar???? If voters in that riding is smart.. vote someone else....
  3. john posted on 04/04/2014 02:20 PM
    more scum less space .
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