Auditor General to look into Pan Am security contracts

Report should be done by the fall.

After urging by a legislative committee looking into the matter, the province's Auditor General will be investigating the Pan Am security contracts.

The outline is to look at contracts involving the event's organizing committee, the OPP and the province itself.

Newstalk 1010 spoke with Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk, who says the report will likely be completed by the fall.

The $81 million contract with a private security firm sparked the committee to make this request.

Last week, the province said the OPP went through the bids for the job and chose who would get the job.

However, there has been criticisim the US-based firm won out, when there was a Canadian company  that placed a bid that was $14 million lower.

The Pan Am Games will be taking place in the GTHA next summer.

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  1. Adriane Taylor posted on 04/02/2014 11:40 AM
    Helena Jaczek, Soo Wong and Bas Balkissoon (along with that woman who appears in more shots than that whilte bearded guy during the mayoralty debate) tried everything in their power to delay the motion this morning to have the Auditor look into the security for the Pan Am games. I heard someone on talk radio yesterday say there were only two scandals...Ornge (billions of dollars of Heath Care dollars siphoned off to a private firm, including to pay for a yacht, and people may well have died), e-health (a huge mess and boondoggle that wasted millions), Caledonia, the swiping of computers leading to a bigger coverup than Watergate, the gas plant scandals, Ben Levin and his evil sexualization of kids in our schools, and now mark my words, millions lost in the Pan Am fiasco. These are just a few. We need to get the Committee Hearings and the Legislature back on cable. There are not enough people paying attention.
  2. don was right posted on 04/02/2014 12:48 PM
    Why would the OPP, highest paid cops in the world, and the govt droids managing this fuster cluck who rank at the top of the sunshine list even consider the concept of lowest bidder or Canadian contnet. Heads must roll
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