LOOK: Humane society rescues lobster

Looking for traveler to set lobster free in Atlantic Ocean

This is not your every day animal rescue.

In St. Catharines, the local humane society is now caring for a lobster left abandoned in a box in the parking lot of a fast food joint.

Executive Director of the Lincoln County Humane Society Kevin Strooband tells Newstalk 1010 they got a call from restaurant staffers Wednesday morning.

"There was a one pound lobster inside the box that we presume was part of an April Fools Day prank," says Strooband. The box was found across the street from Brock University.

Strooband admits with a laugh that it is hard to tell how the lobster, affectionately named Mickey is doing. But he says the crustacean appears to be calm and is pacing back and forth in a salt water tank.

The humane society is looking for someone to take Mickey off their hands, but if you're dreaming up a decadent dinner around him, don't bother.

"Because he's in our care, we have a responsibility to provide for him, and that includes releasing him."

Strooband is hoping word will get out to someone flying to Halifax soon, who wouldn't mind a lobster stowaway in their carry-on. The humane society boss says if Mickey's travel companion can't make it to Atlantic Ocean to set him free, his sister would be willing to meet them at the airport.

Strooband says he's helped some weird creatures over the course of his career, but never a crustacean. "This is in the top ten".

By late Wednesday afternoon, Mickey had become an Internet sensation, making headlines from coast to coat.  He even has his own parody twitter account.

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  1. Ceaser posted on 04/03/2014 04:32 AM
    Cook and serve him to the homeless, your not allowed to bring live animals across the border.

    this is how we know that the animal people have too big of a budget...when they talk about stupid stuff like this.
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