Allegations an officer lied during gas plant testimony

Lawyer says the OPP officer is spreading false statement about his client

One of the most prominent names in the gas plant deletion scandal has spoken up through her lawyer, who is alleging an OPP officer lied under oath.

Laura Miller's lawyer sent a letter to the Ontario government committee looking into the gas plant cancellations, underlining she never refused to speak to police, only asked that statements she made not be used against her. The lawyer's letter accuses Det. Cst. Andre Duval of making false comments during his testimony on this matter earlier in the week.

The letter says they could constitute perjury.

Miller has been named in police documents, which allege former Premier Dalton McGuinty's chief-of-staff David Livingston brought in someone to wipe government computers.

That someone is said to be Peter Faist - Miller's boyfriend. She worked as deputy chief of staff in the office at the time.

This comes as NDP Energy Critic Peter Tabuns wrote a letter to B.C. premier Christy Clark, Miller's current boss, asking her to give Miller time off work to give a statement at the committee looking into the scandal.

Tabuns says he wants all obstacles out out the way so the committee can find out what her role was, timelines and motives for the deletion of emails.

He notes he finds it odd that Miller wanted immunity from police in return for her statement.

As for her tech-savvy boyfriend  Faist, Tabuns says his lawyer declined to have him testify next week because not enough notice was given.

Tabuns says Faist's lawyer will get back to the committee next week.

Faist is said to now be in B.C. as well.

Miller, meantime, is willing to speak to the committee at a "mutually convenient time" as long as her constitutional rights are protected.

None of these allegations have been proven in court.

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  1. john posted on 04/05/2014 12:02 PM
    yet more stupid BS form the wost party ever . time for a election as need to get rid of this scum .
  2. don was right posted on 04/05/2014 05:15 PM
    so one liar calling another liar a liar?

    But then again, this is the same OPP that braught you Caledonia
  3. Fact Provider posted on 04/05/2014 06:18 PM
    OPP = Ontario Political Police.
    Enough said.
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