Dog poop in school playground is "very concerning"

Dr. Mitch Shulman says dog poop can carry bugs, ranging from worms to infectious diseases

A problem with dog poop at a Scarborough school playground is concerning and should be taken seriously by the school board, says Newstalk 1010 medical expert Dr Mitch Shulman.

Parents and school officials are complaining about dog owners allowing their pets onto the play area of the Adam Beck Public School and not cleaning up after them.

One parent tells the Toronto Sun that her son came home with poop in his hair.

"There's an obvious yuck factor," Dr. Shulman says.

But he adds that parents should be concerned because dog poop carries bugs that can get kids sick, ranging from worms to infectious diseases.

If your kids get any on their hands and then eat a sandwich for lunch without washing first, they can easily ingest those bugs.

The good news is they would have to ingest a large amount to get really sick.

"So that's probably why you're not hearing about lots of kids getting sick," he says.

Dr. Shulman adds that parents may not know a stomach ache came from exposure to a bug in dog poop.

School board officials tell the Sun there's only so much they can do about the issue. Dogs are not allowed on any school property. 

"I really don't think there's enough you can do to either punish or fine the owners of the dogs," Dr. Shulman says. "You're expected to clean up after your dog. There's absolutely no excuse for this happening."

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  1. wile e coyote, genius. posted on 04/07/2014 07:31 PM
    1) This school is located on Scarborough Road, in the former city of Toronto, not in the former Township/Borough/City of Scarborough......
    2) my less enlightened relatives have been spotted in the area near the school. located in the Beaches--Scarborough Beach is located here, as to the east you have Scarborough Bluffs and all those delicious feral cats--furball warning!; if the dogs aren't pooping there, perhaps it might be the Beaches Coyotes....
    3) I'd rather be in Arizona chasing Roadrunners.
  2. MK posted on 04/07/2014 08:02 PM
    My kids attend this school and I have seen a congregation of dog owners chatting away in the evening while their dogs run through the yard. Pay attention to what your dogs are doing instead of chatting and socializing! My 7 year old fell into a puddle recently and was covered in wet dog poo. I had to use the school washroom dispenser soap and a paper towel to wash him down so I could get him into clean clothes. He even had stains on his face! His clothes, coat and boots were filled with the stuff and we were both gagging as I was cleaning him!
  3. don was right posted on 04/07/2014 09:51 PM
    Dog owners - the most inconsiderate of human beings on the face of the earth. They all deserver a flaming bag on their doorsteps - or on the front seat of their Rovers - BMWs - MBs - Subarus.
  4. Me posted on 04/08/2014 12:09 AM
    I don't live in the area but I am a dog owner, and am disgusted by the owners who don't scoop after their dog poop. Those owners give people who really care about their dogs, a bad name.
    As for the "bugs" in dog poop, a vigilant pet owner not only looks at the poo, but visit the vet on regular basis. People laugh at me for looking at my dog's poo, yet those with little kids have no qualms at changing really dirty diapers. I'll take my dog's poo any day over a kid's diaper lol

    If I (and few like minded pet owners) offer someone else a poo bag, they decline. Some owners let their dogs out, while sitting in a car waiting for dog to do his thing!
  5. Greg posted on 04/08/2014 02:35 AM
    Hey, 1010. I could have done without the visual!
  6. Joseph posted on 04/08/2014 11:05 AM
    As a parent with kids at Adam Beck, I have to comment on this story. First off - Adam Beck is NOT in Scarborough. (Please fact check). Secondly, the school yard is off limits to dogs, period. There should be no discussion about this. It's not a scoop/don't scoop issue. The group of 10-12 owners that congregate there in the evenings have little respect for others. Their dogs crap in places that they can't/don't see due to: darkness, their conversations/smartphone gazing keeping them from paying any attention to what their dogs is actually doing, or the dogs covering it up by scratching the pine needles. Often dogs are tackling young kids, chewing and destroying balls and skipping rope that kids are playing with, chasing down the foam rockets/planes that the kids are playing with, etc. I've had it happen to us, and witnessed it. School yards are for kids and parents, not pets. It has to stop. And to Ms.Nugent, "Buster-Jones" doesn't belong in teh school yard, despite how cute you and others think he is.
  7. MK posted on 04/08/2014 08:30 PM
    It has been very frustrating and dogs do not belong in the yard. The problem really is quite bad. People are not only congregating in the evenings, but in the early mornings as well. I have also gone to the school early to pick up the kids and have witnessed someone who lives on Scarborough right across the school let his dog out just to poo and then bring him back into his know who you are red door! There are many off leash areas/dog parks in the area, but people find it too convenient to just walk a block or across the street to let their dogs do their thing. It's lazy! It happens at the local high school as well. In the summer I witnessed someone walking with a full bag of poo, look around and when she thought no one was looking flung it into the bushes! There are a ton of dogs in this neighborhood and most are well loved by the locals and most have responsible owners, but these owners that do not care for the welfare of our children make everyone look bad and should be fined!
  8. IMR posted on 04/12/2014 12:14 AM
    Joseph is absolutely right! Dog owners should scoop the poop when walking their dogs, no doubt, but they shouldn't even be on the school property EVER with their dogs, NO excuses. My son has come home covered in poop at least 3-4 times this school year, which is unacceptable. I doubt anyone wants a dog to poop on their front lawn even if it scooped; the schoolyard is private property, not a dog toilet! I only can hope that the "crackdown" has a positive outcome, but will not be holding my breath (except for the next time I have to clean crap off my kids clothes!).
  9. Brief and to the Point posted on 04/12/2014 06:29 AM
    This story is about dogs on school properties.
    The solution is for police to get involved.
  10. john posted on 04/12/2014 12:27 PM
    like i said before it is not the dogs that are crapping all over the place . it is politicians i say keep them out the park everything will be fine .
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