Parents & teachers outraged by defecating dogs on school property

Owners are letting their dogs run free on school property and not picking-up after them

Dogs are banned from any schoolyard that the Toronto District School Board owns, but dog owners are letting their canines run free on school property and not picking up after them.

The Toronto Sun tells the story of the playground at Adam Beck Public School in the Kingston Road and Victoria Park area.

The mother of a 6-year old student had to wash dog droppings out of her son's hair after he came home from school. She also had to wash it out of his pants and wipe it off his boots, and says this is a regular occurrence there.

The mother (Lesley Andersen) says many parents are fed up with their kids tracking dog feces from school into their homes and are shocked at how little consideration these dog owners have for the health of the children.

School officials are complaining about the same thing, even though there are signs on the property warning that dogs being off-leash there is prohibited.

The principal of the school complains that owners are letting their dogs defecate on the premises before classes begin early in the morning, and in the evening. Rita Gallippi is asking the TDSB to send out security services personnel in the hopes that it will make a difference.

The Toronto Sun obtained a copy of a strongly-worded email written by Gallippi to the board. It states, “The dog owners are becoming increasingly defiant and rude with parents who approach them and ask them to leave (the playground). I am trying to avoid fights between ... parents and them.”

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  1. john posted on 04/07/2014 12:32 PM
    oh it is not the dogs doing that

    it is the politicians thay ran out of room to move there crap so thay take it there and blame the dogs for it . like we used to do when we were got caught by our parents doing something u are not suppose to do . so u blame the dog .
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