Prepare for a busier than normal summer road construction season in Toronto

Public Works Chair Denzil Minnan-Wong says they are going to do a little extra, ahead of the 2015 Pan Am Games...

As the old saying goes, there are two seasons in Canada. Winter and roadwork.

Get ready for the latter.

The City of Toronto has released a list of roads they will be focusing on this summer, as we brace for the 2015 Pan Am Games.

Public Works chair Denzil Minnan-Wong says this summer is going to be busier than normal, so that traffic can move smoothly while the games are on.

When it comes to all the pot holes, he admits the asphalt the city has been using for years, may not be as good as it could be.

He says we obviously have a problem in Toronto, so they are now going to look at other cities to figure out how to build better roads.

Here's the full list:

Markham Rd from Kingston to Lawrence - July to Dec

Lawrence Ave E from Kingston to Markham - mid May to Early Nov

Victoria Park Ave from Eglinton to Lawrence - June to Oct

Wilson Ave from Bathurst to Dufferin - completed by Nov

Transit Road from the Allen to Wilson - completed by Nov

Finch Ave W from Dufferin to Signet - June to Dec

Finch Ave W from Kipling to Hwy 427 - Late June to Aug

Kipling from Bloor to Dixon - June to Nov

Parkside Dr from Lakeshore to Bloor - Aug to late Nov

Queen's Park Cres from College to Bloor - June to Nov

Wellesley St. W from Yonge to Hart House Circle - June to late Nov

Kingston Rd from Birchmount to Victoria Park - May to Nov

Richmond St. E from Church to Power - June to Sept

Lakeshore Blvd - overnight work in various locations

Bayview from Trueman to York Mills - June to Dec

Hwy 27 - Belfield intersection June - Oct

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  1. ToddK_2 posted on 04/07/2014 03:50 PM
    Here's an idea: How about when I see cranes and orange cones blocking a lane we actually see workers working to get the job done quicker?
    1. frank posted on 04/07/2014 05:03 PM
      @ToddK_2 And get rid of the pothole cops who tend to slow things down while chatting endlessly with those who need to be working. Other cities are not weighed down with pothole cops and no highway crews have them even though they have much more and faster traffic.
  2. Ryan posted on 04/07/2014 04:13 PM
    It's time we went on the offensive against unionized city workers wasting our tax dollars: Whenever you see a road crew where one guy is working and five more are watching him, take a picture with your phone and take it public!
  3. franklin posted on 04/07/2014 04:48 PM
    Why is Toronto roadwork so poorly done? Elsewhere, it lasts.
    1. Peter posted on 04/07/2014 04:52 PM
      @franklin It's called winter, dummy. Snow melts, water freezes, ad a little salt, roads fall apart. Move to Florida if you want roads that last longer.
    2. Angry Bill posted on 04/08/2014 09:25 AM
      @Peter Gosh, thanks for pointing out that franklin is a dummy. Who knew that Ontario is the only province in Canada that has winter, where snow melts and salt is added. I sure feel dumb that I didn't know that.
  4. ToddK_2 posted on 04/07/2014 04:53 PM
    We are 30 years behind in infrastructure and we have construction workers\Unions like we have; Too bad we don't have the Government to push for indexed salaries with performance bonus pay.

    I'm ok with non-government Unions.
    1. Paul posted on 04/07/2014 05:28 PM
      @ToddK_2 Private sector unions are just as harmful as public sector unions are. When a public sector union goes on strike to extort higher wages, we end up getting hit with a tax increase. But...

      When a private sector union commits the same act of extortion, we don't notice as much since they're attacking a company rather than attacking us directly. But a strike at Factory A results in the prices of all goods produced there to go up. Then the guys at Factory B go on strike, either because of that price increase or because they want to demand Factory A wages without all the effort of quitting and getting a new job there; either way, the stuff Factory B makes gets more expensive. Then the truckers who carry all of that to the store go on strike, because so many things are going up in price; it just keeps going on and on, as the cost of living goes up and up and up.

      While there are other factors to the constant cost-of-living increases, eliminating unions in both the public and private sectors would slow it down considerably, to a rate that the natural growth of the economy could then easily manage.
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