Sovreignty is a key issue as Quebec goes to the polls

Quebec's provincial election goes Monday

Quebec's National Assembly
Photo: CTV News

Monday is Election Day in Quebec.

6 million people are eligible to cast a ballot.

It's being called one of the nastiest provincial election campaigns in decades, with mud-slinging over ethics and whether or not there would be another sovereignty referendum.

Premier Pauline Marois has expressed optimism her government will hang on to power, however her Parti Quebecois is trailing in opinion polls.

There has been a surge in support for the 3rd-place coalition party, prompting Quebec Liberal leader Philippe Couillard to warn casting a ballot for the coalition could split the vote and return the Parti Quebecois to power.

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  1. Sonny posted on 04/07/2014 10:30 AM
    The 1010 listeners should be hoping that the Liberals win this one as they gain in the polling as does the CAQ. Looks like another minority gov't though...
  2. john posted on 04/07/2014 01:13 PM
    why do we need Quebec anyways the pros out way the cons of not having them


    1 we dont have to listen to them bitch about how bad thay have it and how much money thay need compared to other provinces

    2 no more nonsense about them not having the Canadian flag in there Parliament building


    1 ???????

    2 ??????

    3 ??????

    4 ?????

    i just don't get it if they wanna leave Canada why are we stopping them ?
  3. kenfromcanada posted on 04/07/2014 01:39 PM
    Sovereignty is the quality of having an independent authority over a geographic area, such as a territory. It can be found in a power to rule and make laws that ...
    ‎Sovereign (disambiguation) - ‎Authority - ‎Westphalian sovereignty - ‎Air sovereignty

    Does anyone hosting this site bother spell-checking?
  4. Dean posted on 04/07/2014 02:15 PM
    There was an article last week or the week before where some of the Indians in Quebec said they'd separate as well and form their own little country if Quebec separates. Since we'd be getting rid of two giant leeches from the federal budget, I say go ahead and separate, and good riddance!
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