Parents of 'Webcam Murder' victim release statement

York University student Nicole Liu was killed in her apartment in 2012, by Brian Dickson who will be sentenced to life in prison...

Toronto Police Detective Frank Scubic used Facebook to post the full message from Jian Hui Liu and Zheng Yaru, who are the parents of Qian "Necole" Liu.

"September 9, 1989 is the day our whole family waited for 10 months for the birth of our daughter, our pretty angel. Our little daughter Liu Qian like a pretty angel arrived in Beijing. This lovely little girl not only gave us happiness and joy, but also to the young neighbours who didn’t yet have children. Every day they came to visit just to hold her. Under our tender care, she grew up in a healthy and happy environment.

When she was young, in kindergarten, she already started to show lots of talent in language and art. The teacher would let her tell stories to her classmates. The named her “storymaster”. She had a lot of interest in playing music and drawing pictures. When she was in grade 3 she joined in the city of Beijing’s youth drawing competition and came first. This award we still have and display in our home.

Liu Qian was charming, very nice and had a good heart. She was easy going with others and trusted others. She was enthusiastic about community activities; she was a blood donor and volunteered often. Once she saw an injured kitten and brought it home to take care of. When the cat died she cried for days. When someone had difficulty and asked for help she never refused. She would always do her best to help.

She was intelligent, willing to learn and had good ideas and was a hard working student. In September 2010, when she finished university in China, she was looking ahead to a bright future when she came to study at York University. She came to Canada with high expectations from family, teachers and classmates. She hoped after studying in Canada for a couple of years, she could go back to China to make a contribution to the Chinese/Canadian student exchange program. She mentioned this in a paper she wrote while studying at York University.

During her study at York University she worked really hard and had good results. In the fall of 2010 she retook an exam to improve her marks. She was accepted to a couple of additional colleges in Canada, but she was not satisfied and wanted something more. As her parents we were very proud of her but wanted her to come home soon on holiday. But everything changed suddenly on April 15, 2011.

On this afternoon, Liu Qian and her mother were chatting via internet and were very happy. She told her mother she bought the air ticket, would be home soon and talked about how much she missed her family, favourite foods, friends and schoolmates in Beijing. About 2pm that day her mother received a call from a boy who was crying asking her to call the police as someone was in Liu Qian’s room and tried to hurt her. Her mother was in shock and trying to call for help. I was out of town on business and didn’t know how to deal with the situation. We then waited for any news of what was happening. Her mother and grandmother (85years old) did not sleep that night anxious and waiting for further information. After more than 10 hours waiting, at about 5am, we got the most brutal news. Our lovely daughter was gone. We’ll never see Liu Qian again. We did not know how to deal with this, like a thunder hit her mother’s head. Her mother and grandmother clung together crying. We didn’t want to deal with this fact. It was only 10 hours prior we talked on the computer and looked at her lovely face. And then suddenly, we lost her forever.

We lost our lovely daughter. For us in our hearts we can’t have a more painful experience, crying every day, wishing we could go with her. We didn’t want to talk to anyone or hear them talk about her. We stopped socializing with others. We became fragile emotionally and mentally. We cannot sleep at night, specially her mother who wakes up at midnight to go to the computer hoping to see that familiar face again. Every day her mother sits in front of the computer not moving for hours; just waiting. But she will never hear her daughter’s lovely voice again. She still hopes she will show up on the computer screen. Her mother sits alone crying. Her health has declined with chronic kidney problems and severe back pain. My work is heavy and busy but at the same time I have to deal with the loss of my daughter. I lost my appetite and have experienced weight loss. When I’m home I don’t talk about my loss and keep everything in my heart.

This incident does not just impact our immediate family but also those who took good care of her since she was born. In the Chinese culture grandparents cannot and do not go to a grandchild’s funeral. It is very bad thing in the Chinese culture. Every time the grandparents think about Liu Qian they cry.
 This incident did not just impact me but also on my colleagues and friends. After the incident for an entire week, all of my colleagues were so sad. There was no room for happiness and fun. Everyone would cry when talking about children in general. Her mother could not continue to go to work where she would have to face her students; the same age as Liu Qian. As a mother she can’t hide her upset and tears. She had to take early retirement and leave her school and her students.

This incident has damaged my family in every way. It has been 1086 days since her death. We think about her every minute; day and night. When it is New Year’s Day and Chinese Family Reunion day, it is the darkest moment for our entire family. For the past three years, every New Year we still give her the traditional red bag – lucky money (a Chinese tradition) together with her favourite foods, put in front of her picture. It is the Chinese culture for the New Year to be a happy get together and looking ahead to the future, but not for us, not anymore. Our family has no interest in joining any social functions and not even interested in watching television. In our world everything is gray. In our hearts we refuse all of the bright colours. One of the things we do each day is turn on the computer, go into her memory website and present her flowers, incense, clothing and food. Every weekend we both take the two hour bus trip on a bumpy road up to her grave site to visit our beloved daughter. This is our family reunion; our family of three including her cold grave stone. We have no words, but just keep each other company with great memories. We just stand there and think about her as no words can explain how much our hearts hurt.

Liu Qian’s passing affects our family health a great deal. We have lost our appetite and have no interest in food. The two grandmother’s health has suffered greatly due to grief. One grandmother is bed ridden. We try not to mention Liu Qian to her because it makes her too upset. When she sees other grandchildren and realizes that Liu Qian is not there, she collapses emotionally again. Every time she went to the grave site she would cry aloud and call her name.

Her mother’s health is going down and since she has developed eye problems and high blood pressure and is taking medication every day. Liu Qian’s death impacts our economic state. All that we contributed to her growth through education, about $40,000, has all been lost. She was supposed to reach her goal and plan for a good future then return to the community and parents. She did not let us down. She worked very hard and studied well. Her teachers and classmates thought this of her as well. Unfortunately after less than a year our lovely daughter, about to be reunited with us has lost her life; the life just about to shine. No words can express our loss. As a parent, as a mother, father, friend, we are all very sad to go through this. People who have not had this experience cannot understand. Even now when we talk about it we cannot truly explain what we are feeling inside. From now on we didn’t just loose our lovely daughter but we will be lonely among seniors in China. We lost our emotional and financial support in the future.

This incident happened 3 years ago and we have had to come to Canada 3 times which has been expensive for my family. Most painful is that Liu Qian is our only child. The next generation is our spiritual support. We are almost 60 years old. In China traditionally, parents raise their children preparing them for when the parents get old. Legally the adult sons and daughters have a responsibility to take care of their parents. We lost our only child. Who do we rely on in the future?

To lose our one and only lovely daughter, we have lost our entire future. No amount of money can compensate for this loss."

32 year old Brian Dickson was found guilty of first degree murder in the death of Liu, and is automatically sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for 25 years.

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  1. john posted on 04/12/2014 12:40 PM
    i whant cap punishment back .
  2. john posted on 04/12/2014 12:40 PM
    i whant cap punishment back .
    1. ark7 posted on 04/12/2014 10:48 PM
      @john Just ignore donny p with all his aliases, John. He is nothing but a deranged twit.

      Capital punishment leaving the schools was a huge mistake.
    2. Mark7 posted on 04/13/2014 09:00 AM
      @ark7 Yes, we need to bring back capital punishment to the schools. Killing off the bad seeds before they grow up will solve all our problems.
    3. Mark7 posted on 04/13/2014 12:22 PM
      @Mark7 So much in agreement with you, and here is a prime example.

      I was in grade 7 when my school removed the strap. The very next calender day I saw that the other kids simply started doing whatever pleased them. This kids had nothing to lose. They did not want to be in school and would welcome the only recourse left to the schools, suspension. PINHEADS in this world say it teaches children violence. UTTER HOGWASH!

      I ask these fools all the same question in person without a rebuttal. "Corporal punishment has worked for centuries. As for the few decades that have passed under the barbaric removal of said punishment, the violence has skyrocketed. Kids now murder each other, their teachers and even their own parents! What excuse do these people have now? None whatsoever.

      There is the proof. It is not video games nor is it violence on tv. It is parents not loving their children. To spare the rod is to spoil the child. Wisdom that is timeless.
  3. john's mom posted on 04/12/2014 05:00 PM
    I want you to learn English.
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