Watch: Video of violent arrest released

A lawyer for the Toronto Star had argued that the public had a right to see a video that shows an assault inside a cell.

Toronto Star

A video of a violent arrest has been made public by order of a Toronto judge.

Last month, justice Donna Hackett ruled that four Toronto police officers had lied to cover up an assault on Curtis Young, who was arrested in 2012.

Hackett said that Young was being verbally abusive to the officers, but that their reaction was inappropriate.

A lawyer for the Toronto Star had argued that the public had a right to see a video that shows an assault inside a cell.

Lawyers for the police service and the province's special investigations unit opposed the release.

The Star reports that all parties agreed to the release today.

Young had been arrested for public intoxication but the charges were later dismissed.

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  1. Doug Ford posted on 04/14/2014 08:28 PM
    When reelected, the first thing that Rob will do is get rid of the cameras in police stations, cruisers, and jails. after being harassed by the police, he knows that the front line police can do no wrong and that we support them 100%. They never lie, hide evidence, or wrongfully charge or convict the innocent. We also know that the SIU are full of crap and that we'll never cooperate with them. No one is really innocent, everyone has something to hide so we'll charge them with something.

    The second thing we'll do is get rid of Blair and all the pinkos on city council. Charges are already being drawn up against them. We'll take Rob's enemies list and get rid of them all.


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