Rob Ford to launch campaign for re-election

The event is being held at the Toronto Congress Centre on Thursday night

(Chris Young/CP)

Mayor Rob Ford will officially launch his campaign for re-election Thursday night.

The mayor will deliver a 20-minute speech that will "include some humility and a lot of accomplishments", according to his brother and campaign manager Doug Ford, who spoke to the Toronto Sun.

He says they're expecting thousands of people to attend the event at the Toronto Congress Centre.

Doug Ford told the Sun, “Nothing is going to compare to this, nothing. I have an idea (on the turnout) but I'm not going to mention a number, it is staggering. It is going to make (the other campaign launches) look like a tea party.”

Ford won't be unveiling any specifics about his platform this evening.

They are promising a free t-shirt and flag to the first 1,000 supporters.

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  1. Not a Ford Fool posted on 04/17/2014 06:27 AM
    Oh, boy, a 20 minute speech!
    More like a 5 minute speech delivered badly.
    It could be worse, I suppose ... Doug could try to read it and that would take him at least an hour.
  2. Doug Ford posted on 04/17/2014 08:22 AM
    As posted onmy Facebook page, there will be a serious fundraiser at this event. I`ll be selling $100 tickets with the prize being a date with my daughter Krista. Thank you for your support.
  3. arthur posted on 04/17/2014 09:13 AM
    20-minute speech that will "include some humility and a lot of accomplishments"
    translation.... go up there spew the same bullsht that he spews over and over to the trailer park crowd that shows up. shake some hands take some photos with the hosers then finish up getting shtfaced later on in his truck in the parking lot
    1. Sonny posted on 04/17/2014 09:20 AM
      @arthur With 2.5, 2.0 & 2.23% property tax increases the past 3 years. ALL of Ford's budgets have been greater than Miller's last at $9.2 Billion
    2. Jim posted on 04/17/2014 10:32 AM
      @Sonny You might want to look closer at the numbers. Check the massive increase in debt level under Miller and the resulting increase in the percentage of each tax dollar going to pay the interest on that debt. At last check I think it was around 20 to 22 cents of every tax dollar goes just to cover the interest on Toronto's debt. So before you hammer Ford for his budgets lets look at who and how the problem was created.
    3. Not a Ford Fool posted on 04/17/2014 10:45 AM
      @Jim ... and your "explanation" forgets a small thing like Ford's subway to nowhere which will cost billions and saddle the ratepayers and the citizens of all of Canada for the next 20 years.

      More Ford math from the clueless Ford Nation.
    4. arthur posted on 04/17/2014 10:51 AM
      @Jim Miller when he left office and decided not to run again the city was left with i believe a 340 mil surplus at the time
    5. Mark7 posted on 04/17/2014 03:02 PM
      @arthur Oh really? Ford supporters are "the trailer park crowd?"

      There are two mistakes with your silly proclamation.

      (1) How many trailer parks are inside Toronto? Please mention at least one.
      (2) You are just another leftie without common sense or humility. To name call and type cast us supporters of fiscal responsibility over glam politicians as trailer trash?

      It is infuriating that ANYONE would vote Fiberal aka leftie in the municipal election election. So one can safely surmise that you forgot to stand in front of a mirror when spewing your trailer park comments. They were meant for you and all leftie supporters.

      Apology for your fallacy I shall grant you.
    6. Mark7 posted on 04/17/2014 03:04 PM
      @Sonny Put the blame where it is due instead of lying like a leftie always does, when their incompetence comes back to bite them in the ass. It is lefties in city council that caused this, NOT MR FORD!
    7. Mark7 posted on 04/17/2014 03:18 PM
      @arthur This is the root of the problem. Why would you believe anything from a lefty's mouth. Every time they are proven to bwe outright lies.

      You lefties type cast us PROUD TO BE Rob supporters as ignorant. Yet the history of a Fiberal shows the facts. They waste money, do not give a damn about us and will lie with reckless abandon to get the votes of those easily duped.

      One should have to be at LEAST 40 years old before being allowed to vote. It is obvious the young voters who support the Fiberals have not been lied to enough yet to see the real picture.
      I knew in my early 20's although a considerable amount of time quicker of this continuing fiasco.

      NEVER VOTED FIBERAL IN MY LIFE. I NEVER WILL. I am so proud of that that it will be in my tombstone maybe. I was not duped.
    8. arthur posted on 04/17/2014 03:56 PM
      @Mark7 yup! hosers probably just like you Mark7. dumb freakin hosers who probably live the same kind of lifestyle as their hoser hero. no class no integrity or ethics or morals, drunks who drink and drive. lie through their teeth lie to their family their kids. would rather spend a family day wknd in a crack den with gangs and not their kids.
      yup! total loser total scumbag total pig total effing idiot.
      enjoy the last few months with the pig in the news because the pig come end of oct will be buried politically for good.
    9. Mark7 posted on 04/18/2014 12:43 PM
      @arthur Spare me your tired and worn out rhetoric of a leftie. Everything you mentioned lefties do but REFUSED to take a pee test like Mr Ford requested. That is because many of them have something to hide. Hypocrites are lefties, every one of them.

      I can see your desperation is mounting. It should be since you are not a Ford supporter.

      FORD MORE YEARS Deal with it.
  4. Karl Burgin posted on 04/17/2014 09:45 AM
    As always, this kick-off is going to be a success, garnering huge crowds.

    Too bad the other two main contenders can't command the same feat.
    1. Not a Ford Fool posted on 04/17/2014 10:50 AM
      @Karl Burgin You are correct on the first count.
      Isn't it amazing how many people will gather at an event for a T-shirt?
      Enjoy yourself, along with the other half-wits who will be there.

      The weakness with your second comment is that a candidate with some class (John Tory for example) won't play those silly games.
    2. Karl Burgin posted on 04/17/2014 11:22 AM
      @Not a Ford Fool Who's saying anything about this being all a game?
      This is all work to wards being re-elected. This isn't no game. Just because Rob Ford is going about the traditional means of garnering support, doesn't mean it isn't valid.
      Don't be among the same group of people who underestimated him the last time- when Ford won by the biggest majority set for the record books.

      I wish I could go, but I'm too far away to attend.
      And to the point where you keep calling those who support Ford 'half-wits'- that's your first mistake there. I also see John Downs making that very same mistake- calling those who support Ford as being uneducated, dumb, naive, and so on.

      When the Jamaican community gathered around Ford encouraging him, even after the Steak Queen video, what label would you give them?
      Or maybe when the students at Ryerson during the last debate supported Ford, are you counting them as 'half-wits' too? Or are you just going to go with the label naive?
      I've got both a honours degree from U of T, and a college certificate from Sheridan, and have been out of school for a while. You can't label me uneducated, nor naive ( as I've experienced life outside of a school bubble).

      So i'll be interested to here what label you got for me/those like me. You guys are so creative when it comes to insults.
    3. Peter posted on 04/17/2014 01:31 PM
      @Karl Burgin Yes I agree with you Karl, his kick off can't be anything but a success. Experts have had to admit, he does things right.
    4. dama posted on 04/17/2014 02:26 PM
      @Karl Burgin Totally agree... no game playing here...

      kick off campaign is to garner support and the turn out will be massive..

      Class as in JT will not win election.. policies/platform and believing that it will be carried out does .. and Rob Ford had proved that where else JT has not..

      JT had failed in his quest to be Premier against Dalton and David Miller.. so he has yet to prove himself .. really
    5. Mark7 posted on 04/17/2014 03:06 PM
      @Karl Burgin Hey Karl. Of course they cannot garner the same support because unlike Rob, they never earned it.
    6. Mark7 posted on 04/17/2014 03:08 PM
      @Not a Ford Fool Hiding under another alias donny p? Half wits are leftie supporters as decades of them in power have proved beyond a doubt. Too damn bad you are not man enough to admit the truth on this nor the facts.
    7. donny p. posted on 04/17/2014 03:12 PM
      @Karl Burgin I'll see you there...I'm going for the free food and beer. Buying a ticket to sleep with Doug's daughter, nice of him to offer her as the fun raising prize. I hope the band is better this year, though.

      This will be your chance to follow through on your threat to beat the crap out of me. 6:30, side lot door. CYA.
    8. Mark7 posted on 04/17/2014 03:26 PM
      @Karl Burgin Bang on, on all points yet again Karl.

      Let's see their reply to the Jamiacans' garnering support for Mr Ford. They will have no rebuttal and will not even attempt one. Unless it is to name call like they always do..............................
    9. arthur posted on 04/17/2014 03:45 PM
      @donny p. Let the hosers have their fun tonight playing with their dolls and listening to bullsht from the bullsht brothers. because come end of Oct ex mayor hoser will be operating the printing press at Deco.
      don't waste any more time just laugh at the fools
    10. Jeffrey Gee posted on 04/17/2014 04:01 PM
      @Peter It is amazing how many show up when there's free tee-shirts and food. The Fords don't realize that most of these people are here as gawkers to see the crack-smoking mayor up close. They can tell friends they got their photo taken with Mr Junior High. Many of these people won't turn out to vote. They'll be too busy watching "Two and a half men" on TV.
    11. Mark7 posted on 04/18/2014 06:10 PM
      @arthur Hmmm. So you support a leftie and you call us fools? You support glam and polished with their clothes politicians over plain Jane dressed Ford? So you support election promises always being nothing but lies over over supporting Rob? So you support raising taxes as the status quo over fiscal responsibility?

      I could go on and on with many more points, but even a leftie should be able to get the gist of what I am mentioning.

      We who support Rob are laughing at you harder. Some peoples' children... Sigh
  5. Peter posted on 04/17/2014 01:28 PM
    I just had a good idea:

    I want to send Jimmy Kimmel a note about another fine mayor we have.

    Maybe Jimmy Kimmel can invite her on his show. Mayor Hazel McCallion
    is one in a million ! Maybe something the U.S. can't imagine:
    She runs Canada’s sixth-largest city. She enjoys deep-sea fishing. She was out Spanish dancing the other night. And she drives herself around in a plug-in electric Chevrolet. (says the Star). - She turns 93 tomorrow !

    How can Jimmey Kimmel not invite her to go along with his "Amazing Mayors of Canada" theme?

    She was just given an award the other night for her quick thinking in the past when she met with the Mississauga Indians, and traded beads for their land. Good going Mayor McCallion !

    Good Going Mayor Ford ! A winner !

    Thank you NewsTalk 1010
    1. Karl Burgin posted on 04/17/2014 01:47 PM
      @Peter She drives a Chevy Volt? Niicccee...I heard you can drive those things forever.
  6. dama posted on 04/17/2014 02:18 PM
    Cue the music....

    We will , we will Rock you.. Rock you
    We will , we will Rock you.. Rock you

    Buddy you're a boy make a big noise
    Playin' in the street gonna be a big man some day
    You got mud on yo' face
    You Are Not a disgrace
    Kickin' your BEER can all over the place

    We will we will rock you
    We will we will rock you

    Buddy you're a young man hard man
    Shoutin' in the street gonna take on the world some day
    You got blood on yo' face
    You ARE NOT a disgrace
    Wavin' your banner all over the place

    We will we will rock you
    (Sing it!)
    We will we will rock you

    Ford Nation.. join the chorus

    We wil we will rock you..
    1. tanjo posted on 04/17/2014 03:09 PM
      @dama Anyone who changes to the words to Queen does not deserve to sing it. Just sayin'
    2. Sonny posted on 04/17/2014 03:11 PM
      @tanjo how about
      Rob Ford smokes crack and I don't care.
      Rob Ford smokes crack and I don't care.
      Rob Ford smokes crack and I don't care.
      The Mastadon's on his way!
    3. dama posted on 04/17/2014 03:16 PM
      @tanjo so.. u have not heard of parody..
  7. Sonny posted on 04/17/2014 03:10 PM
    Karl you believe another Ford lie about setting a record. In 2000, Melvin Lastman won with the most votes at 483,277 OR 79.96%
    1. Karl Burgin posted on 04/17/2014 03:27 PM
      @Sonny That's the problem with you guys who sit on the other side of the fence.
      Anything good Ford does, you can't even give him credit. Or if he is credited, you down-play it all you can.
      I was watching when Ford won, and I specifically heard on the news (CP24), that his victory was one for the record books.

      You have to learn to be fair and gracious...
    2. Sonny posted on 04/17/2014 03:38 PM
      @Karl Burgin So everything you heard on CP24 is true? That station which is a Bell product like Newstalk; their bread and butter is Crime & Ford!

      In 2010, Robert Bruce Ford won with 383,501 OR 47.114%
      over Smitherman with 289,832 OR 35.607%
      Which is by 93,669 OR 11.507%
    3. Karl Burgin posted on 04/17/2014 03:50 PM
      @Sonny Wow!
      And here i thought CP24 was as anti-Ford as you can get- second to the Toronto Star. Especially given what an ass Katie Simpson can be.
      It's a good thing I didn't say I read about the Ford victory in a Sun newspaper. You'd probably tear my point to shreds with that one.

      But seriously, you've just demonstrated how far you're willing to go, and how much you're willing to be willfully blind to the fact, as to Ford's accomplishments.

      Admit Sonny. No matter what numbers you present (of which I will give you credit are probably true), Ford still won in a landslide. Especially for an underdog, where everyone was writing him off as a serious competitor.
      And as fate may have it, as many people are writing him off now.
      De-ja-vu anyone?
    4. Mark7 posted on 04/17/2014 04:20 PM
      @Sonny Lie all you want to hater of fiscal responsibility. Rob has the record. Please learn to get your facts straight.
  8. Doug Ford posted on 04/17/2014 03:55 PM
    Short notice information: Rob has arranged for free TTC busses to bring supporters from the public housing units in northern Etobicoke, Weston/Rexdale, Don Valley/Sherbourne, Scarborough, and the downtown core starting at 5:00 PM. special pickups at the CAMH and Parkdale outpatient locations will begin in about a half hour. Free beer and pizza for all Ford Nation registered supporters and free cab rides home for the drunks courtesy of DECO labels.

    Fun starts in a couple of there at the crack of 6:00!

    If you need a ride, call Rob's City Hall Office ASAP: 416-397-FORD (3673).
    1. Mark7 posted on 04/17/2014 04:18 PM
      @Doug Ford Despite your childish shenanigans Rob will win again.

      FORD MORE YEARS! Deal with it.
    2. Mark7 posted on 04/17/2014 04:38 PM
      @Doug Ford I reported this to CFRB1010 fool. It is a travesty that this crap is never pulled.
    3. Mark7 posted on 04/17/2014 05:16 PM
      @Mark7 "It is a travesty that this crap is never pulled".????? You need to learn English, Mark, that is really funny.
  9. News Reporter posted on 04/17/2014 08:17 PM
    ***** BREAKING NEWS *****

    After 9 minutes, Rob Ford has said nothing of note.
    At the 10 minute mark he started to ask for forgiveness.
    At the 11 minute mark he began to recite his usual litany of lies.

    His bought and paid for screamers have situated themselves close to the microphone.
    That's enough for this reporter - his 20 minute speech will go much longer than that and who needs that much aggravation in their lives?

    Stick a fork in this turkey - he's all done.
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