PM's wife interrupted by activist at cat video film fest

Student wants action on missing, murdered Aboriginal women

The Prime Minister's wife was interrupted by an activist Thursday as she opened a feline film fest.

Wearing a pair of black cat ears, Laureen Harper was introducing the "Just for Cats" Internet video festival at the TIFF Bell Light Box when Hailey King shouted out from the crowd.

King demanded Ottawa take action on missing and murdered Aboriginal women.

Harper initially continued her remarks before stopping and telling King that the night was about raising money for animals, earning applause from the crowd.

She then told King "that's a great cause but that's another night, tonight we're here for homeless cats.''

Harper is a cat foster-mom and the feline-starring event was raising money for the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies.

King says security forced her out of the theatre immediately after the interruption.

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  1. William White posted on 04/18/2014 06:11 PM
    Well done Laureen.
    1. Mark7 posted on 04/18/2014 07:52 PM
      @William White Yes, Laureen, you must keep Rob Ford away from those homeless know what he likes to eat and it would be a travesty to watch him lick his fingers in those back alleys.
    2. DMCP posted on 04/19/2014 07:04 AM
      @Mark7 @ donny p - weirdo. Please stay away from the children.
    3. Mark7 posted on 04/19/2014 11:21 AM
      @Mark7 Okay you incessant little twit I am now registered on 1010. I will rebuke your crap and people will now know who is the real Mark7. I must rock your world for you to keep doing this for months. Get a life, little one.
    4. Mark7 posted on 04/19/2014 11:22 AM
      @DMCP Yes DMCP it is donny p who is doing this all the time. Have a great day.
  2. Herry posted on 04/19/2014 09:10 AM
    Get used to it btch, you're the wife of a P O S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1. john posted on 04/19/2014 10:56 AM
      @Herry dude dont confuse Harper with Just a bitch turd catcher . not cool .
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