Four fire trucks removed from service to save money

Cuts will come from stations in Scarborough, Bloor West Village and Etobicoke

Starting Monday, four fire trucks will be removed from service in the city.

The move has the union representing firefighters warning about slower response times.

Council voted for the cuts as part of a money-saving effort. Two of the decommissioned trucks will come from Scarborough, and one truck each in Etobicoke and Bloor West Village.

The Bloor West Village fire station is actually lined up to be closed.

Over 80 firefighters will be affected by this closure and decommissioning but most will take over positions left by the 70 firefighters who've retired so far this year.





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  1. frank posted on 04/21/2014 07:35 AM
    Why is the fire dept. still 35-40% too big? We need proper management of the city. 'Jobs for life' is over.
    1. HP posted on 04/21/2014 07:58 AM
      @frank Please prove your numbers. 35-40% is huge so you must have documentation to back up your assertions.

      Please explain.

      Also, please tell the Fords that Rob does not have a job for life....15 years is enough at the public trough.
    2. Frankie posted on 04/21/2014 09:48 AM
      @frank Don't know the percent excess but you're right about excess. Apparently we have a much higher number of firemen per capita than NYC. Every time there's a health call they send out fire trucks which is a complete waste. Get rid of the excess. If we need more trained paramedics for the ambulances then take some of the money saved with firemen and train more of them.

      A simple solution for a government looking out for the taxpayers rather than their next election
    3. HP posted on 04/21/2014 11:02 AM
      @Frankie Please share those numbers with us. I'm not aware of the stats that you are using to prove your point.

      Also, 911 always sends out ambulance, fire, and police to all emergency health calls simply because you don't know who will get there first. It's good to know that help is on the way and that a qualified first responder will arrive ASAP regardless of traffic and equipment issues. That's standard practice everywhere in North America and it saves lives.
    4. Frankie posted on 04/21/2014 02:22 PM
      @HP Please see don was right's post below from to demonstrate how overstaffed fire dept. is. Nonsense re 3 depts. answering every call; it's incompetent and unnecessary UNLESS there's no clear indication of the nature.

      Of course if you're a union hack you'd disagree no matter what evidence to the contrary exists.
  2. don was right posted on 04/21/2014 08:54 AM
    nobody wil notice Every day there is one foretruck at every Loblaws and Metro picking up lunch for the fire guys, using a million dollar company vehicle, on company time. Put a stop to that, let the fire guys bring lucnh in a lunch bucket like everyone else and we can cut back even more trucks.and the four guys sitting in the trucks at Loblaws and Metro. And dont get me started on the wasted time sending fire trucks to fender benders on the 401
    1. Ryan posted on 04/21/2014 09:41 AM
      @don was right Nice - I actually got that on video yesterday 40 mins parked in St. Clair station while shopping - 4 firefighters - not in gear
    2. HP posted on 04/21/2014 10:55 AM
      @don was right When you have to feed a crew of over 20 firefighter 3 meals per day, 7 days per week, you need to go shopping occasionally. These guys do a great job keeping us safe and to begrudge them the ability to take a work truck as most don't bring their cars for a 10 day shift to stock provisions seems very petty. They're away from their kids and family for days to ensure that they're available at all hours and you say they can't buy food using a company vehicle?

      I suggest that you rearrange your priorities before you attack our first responders.
    3. AC posted on 04/21/2014 11:48 AM
      @don was right no one shows up for fender benders not even cops anymore unless injuries happen. you're directed to a reporting office or whatever they call them by tow guys. you're kind of blowing it out of proportion
    4. Walter posted on 04/21/2014 01:38 PM
      @HP My first thought is that firefighters would work 8 hour days like everyone else (maybe 9, with a bit of overlap with the previous crew). They could then bring their own meals and eat on unpaid time like everyone else. (Possibly, you could go with 12 hour days instead).
      Why should they be paid to cook and eat their meals.
  3. Roy posted on 04/21/2014 10:54 AM
    I hope we will be selling these vehicles not just placing them somewhere to turn into junk.
  4. ToddK_2 posted on 04/21/2014 11:29 AM
    The quicker our Governments realize us tax players aren't a bottomless money-pit the better for EVERYONE, and not just the unionized work force. We are waking up, Government Organized Labor is driving EVERYONE's cost of living up.

    Let's get practical people.
    1. arthur posted on 04/21/2014 11:43 AM
      @ToddK_2 name me 2 government services you and your family personally use that you would not mind being cut back.
      you know to help out the bottom line. not services others use, ones that you use.
    2. ToddK_2 posted on 04/21/2014 01:18 PM
      @arthur C'mon, they just optimized the system why don't you look more into what they did (equipment upgrades etc.). This is all about wages as it always is. I wasn't complaining about their response times.

      Government service? All I know is they waste our money. I won't even waste my breath.
    3. don was right posted on 04/21/2014 02:18 PM
      @arthur CBC, TVO, CIRA, CBSA, CATSA, CRTC, Toronto parks, City council, parking droids, Toronto tree service. Not really a user but more a victime of these "services" Cut them way back and let me keep teh money.
  5. arthur posted on 04/21/2014 12:00 PM
    i think maybe some would like us to outsource the fire dept. all together. bring in some highly trained people from overseas pay them half what they make now here, no benefits. give them pick up trucks with big buckets of water in the back and squirt guns. you know save a few $$.
    i would rather read opinions of maybe people who have had a mishap of fire in their home or business to give me opinions on response times and levels of service
    1. Frankie posted on 04/21/2014 02:19 PM
      @arthur Fearmongering just like the fire union ads. Fortunately most of us don't fall for that crap.
  6. don was right posted on 04/21/2014 01:42 PM
    HR bemoans having to feed people at work. The horros. Most of us have to buy our own food, at our own expense, before and after work. What makes the fire guys so entilteled that they need to be fed by someone else? If that is too much to handle by these delicate flowers, then go back to 8 hour shifts like eveyone else, without pay for that lunch hour.
  7. don was right posted on 04/21/2014 02:06 PM
    Number of fire fighter sin New York City per 1150 number in toronto per National post 3176. Number earning over $100,000 2,500 per Globe and mail. So if we fired half we woudl still have more per population than new York. and save 150 million dollars. Plus gas costs.
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