Could this new technology save you time and money?

Retailers unveil new car technology for summer driving season

In years past, right before a road trip, the checklist was fairly standard.

As a driver, you'd check your tire pressure and oil levels to make sure you were prepared but now you might also be checking to make sure all your gadgets are charged and you've got all the power cords you need.

Call a sign of the times, but inside the car things are getting pretty high tech.

As the weather warms up, retailers are unveiling new products ahead of the summer driving season and say they aren't just for fun, they might also keep you safe and save you time.

A major advancement this season appears to be in new GPS technology.

Canadian Tire is showcasing a new wifi enabled unit (Magellan Smart GPS-$249.99) that you can tether to your phone to provide real time updates on collisions and construction. The device is able to plan routes around problems. The unit can also provide gas prices in different areas and weather information. The GPS unit on display during a promotional event costs $50-$100 dollars more than a standard device. The store says because the GPS offers so much real-time information, it is something you might rely on every time you get in the car, not just on unfamiliar roads.

The retailer also says that dashboard cameras (HP Car Camcorder-$299. 99) are becoming more popular as people start using them to capture scenic drives instead of just to provide evidence in the event of a crash.

Devices that you might call external battery packs (Lifesaver by Mio-$24.99) are also starting to grow in popularity as many drivers buy them to put in the glove compartment in case of an emergency. You can plug your cell phone into the device to get some juice if your phone is dead. Models rolled out this year are more powerful and can charge phones faster. Canadian Tire also says they can used to boost tablets or other devices that your kids might be using in the car on long road trips.

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