WATCH: Pamela Wallin - 'I didn't do anything wrong'

Suspended Senator speaks out for the first time in a long form sit-down interview with Newstalk1010's Ryan Doyle...

She's breaking her silence in her first sit down, long form interview since the senate scandal broke.

Suspended Senator Pamela Wallin sat down with Newstalk1010's Ryan Doyle, and talked openly about what exactly happened.

"There were mistakes made, there's no question about that. But not many" said Wallin when talking about what ultimately led to her suspension.

But she says those mistakes were more sloppiness in book-keeping rather than her intent on deliberately robbing the system.

"I probably didn't pay as much attention as I should have."

She says the total money that was involved was between 35 and 38 thousand dollars... money she's since paid back, but that's something she regrets.

"I just think it's something that's given people the excuse to say, oh you must be guilty, because you paid it back."

Wallin wouldn't comment on what she would say to the Prime Minister if she was able to have a sit down chat with Stephen Harper.

Wallin has been suspended since November, along with other Senators Mike Duffy and Patrick Brazeau, and there continues to be an investigation into alleged improper expenses.

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  1. don was right posted on 04/24/2014 09:40 PM
    Say "I am not a crook". Repeat as necessary
  2. Neo posted on 04/24/2014 09:50 PM
    I found the pandering quite frustrating to listen too... Allowing statements like 'politicians dont make enough', and have doyle not even challenge?! Quite the contrast from his usual political bashing.
  3. don was right posted on 04/24/2014 10:07 PM
    She complained about lack of process. What process is there to get into the senate? Or even to be Governor General? A pretty face on TV and you are in. No process. No votes. No review by anyone except the PM of the day. Why should getting booted out be any different? Live by the sword, die by teh sword. And on that note, why should a copule of ex CBC kacks still be afforded national security protection? send them back to the CBC if it will have them.But I smell a bigger rat. CFRB is part of Bell. Bell wants to change then communications landscape. Might having a recycled sentor or two in their pocket might help. Will we see Duffy back on CTV? Brazeau on APTN? Harb soemwhere anywhere?
  4. Ken posted on 04/24/2014 11:24 PM
    Not impressed! After several months to think about it, that's the best she could do? "I was a bit sloppy." Pathetic!

    Suck it up buttercup! Accept some responsibility! Show some class. You got caught! Obviously very bad optics of entitlement not to mention borderline legal!

    Ryan Doyle? Wow! Softball questions at the ole love in! I had to turn it off and I'm a fairly regular listener.
  5. Mark posted on 04/25/2014 06:35 AM
    She was born. She became a senator. She broke the rules. Now she says she is not guilty.

    Pamela, you did EVERYTHING wrong!
  6. john posted on 04/25/2014 11:13 AM
    oh i am sure she is a f$#$%#$cking angle . bite me bitch i am not buying what u are selling .
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