Lights Out in Etobicoke

4000 customers in the dark

It could be a long weekend for some families in Etobicoke.

Some 4-thousand customers are without power after a hydro pole caught fire Friday night

The area that borders the outage is the 401 down to Eglinton, and Highway 27 in the west to Jane St.

Toronto Hydro officials aren't sure how long the outage is going to be.

They say the pole will have to be replaced, so it could be a couple of hours or a couple of days depending on the damage.

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  1. john posted on 04/26/2014 10:47 AM
    i take it somebody did not pay there supper expensive hydro bills . to bad we cant have a day where turn off power in your house in protest . Anonymous is calling for a may 1th mayday where people are asked to not buy anything and dont buy gas etc . maybe we should do that . it could send a message .
  2. Brief and to the Point posted on 04/26/2014 11:59 AM
    Ford's Etobicoke ... in the dark as usual.
    1. Brandy posted on 04/26/2014 01:15 PM
      @Brief and to the Point Actually it's Wynne's Hydro! Rates go up, up, up and service down.
      Why don't people blame Wynne - she's campaigning now with all her promises, which will be paid how?
    2. Brief and to the Point posted on 04/26/2014 04:02 PM
      @Brandy Judging from your inability to read, you must be a Ford supporter.

      The problem is stated to be from Toronto Hydro and the lack of infrastructure improvements over the past few (4 anyone?) years.

      Read it again, dear. You might get it if you try.
    3. Brief and to the Point posted on 04/26/2014 04:05 PM
      @Brandy Read it again, dear. You might get it.
      Only an illiterate Ford supporter would fail to see the difference between Toronto Hydro and Hydro One.
    4. john posted on 04/28/2014 10:58 AM
      @Brief and to the Point and u believe that BS . that's sad man really sad .
  3. john posted on 04/28/2014 11:05 AM
    i do blame Wynne she has the power ( no pun intended ) to force the power company s to lower there prices time for a election get rid of these blood sucking maggots .
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