Province serving up local food projects

Premier announces support for more than 60 projects

The Ontario government is spending $11.6 million to help the province’s food processing sector.

Premier Kathleen Wynne made the announcement at a news conference Saturday morning in Scarborough.

She says the money will fund more than 60 projects to improve access to Ontario food across the province.

“We want to make sure they know where the produce is going, and purchasers know where the produce is coming from.”

One of those projects is Stonemill Bakehouse.

It is is receiving $147,000 to help market its Prince Edward County Rye Bread and expand ts use of rye in other breads.

This round of funding is part of the province’s $30-million Local Food Fund, which began accepting applications from food producers and processors last fall.

The province hopes the money will help grow the economy and create jobs.

Wynne says the province's agri-food sector contributes about $34 billion to the province's economy and provides about 740,000 jobs

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  1. Mark posted on 04/26/2014 05:09 PM
    Oh my,,, the Wynne Bag is out spreading little gifts around the province. Sorry corrupt libranos, that will not change the fact that you are the corrupt and most likely that most wasteful and incompetent government in Canadian history.

    You F-ing Liberals have put Ontario into a horrible financial situation.
    1. Herry posted on 04/27/2014 01:31 PM
      @Mark mark, you are an ABSOLUTE axxhole !!! The Libranos are the lesser evils of the three parties in Ontario ! Unless of course you prefer the communists mike harris and ernie eaves when they screwed Ontarians with complete ineptness ! And we know NDP is a socialist party ! So, idiot, it would be best you keep your useless yap shut because you have NO idea what you are talking about !!!!!! AXXHOLE !!!!!!!!!!
    2. David posted on 04/27/2014 07:34 PM
      @Herry Quite the post Herry. The liberals are the lesser evils of the 3 parties. Please explain your position to Mark and I. You claim the Harris government screwed Ontarians. Do you have ANY clue at all of what the liberals have done to this province. The MASSIVE DEBT that continues to grow. The third largest expenditure the provincial government has is servicing the INTEREST on the debt. You do understand that is just paying the interest, not paying it down. You do understand that the money can not go to healthcare, education, infrastructure etc. Lastly, considering you are so sharp politically, please oh please explain how mike harris was a communist. When your done deleting emails, please respond. The great Ontario sheeple who just love their government hand outs without any clue of how to pay for it.
    3. kenfromcanada posted on 04/27/2014 11:56 PM
      @David lolol

      Have you read some of donny p(utz)'s other posts? AKA - Herry?
  2. David posted on 04/26/2014 05:55 PM
    It's a good thing Ontario is such a rich province with no deficet and a very low debt load. Then I awoke from my dream. Mark hit the nail right on the head. In the attempt to win power this government will continue to pile new debt on debt on debt. To hell with the province and the future. The most DISGUSTING government in not only the provinces history, but the country as well. Incompotent LIARS!!!
  3. Angry Bill posted on 04/28/2014 11:27 AM
    I've noticed a trend, the closer we get to election time.. The liberals are picking every single low-hanging fruit that they can find.

    Buying local is a no-brainer. Are the liberals the ones to spearhead any sort of "buy local" effort? I'd say no. Number one, you know they don't really believe it. It's just to sway even more gullible liberal voters to vote for them. They do this because they know it works. Understand, they haven't actually given this money, they've only promised to give it. And based on the last two elections, I think you'd have to be pretty darn dense to not know what a liberal promise is worth.

    And number two, just indiscriminately throwing money at a problem won't fix it. You have to actually understand the issue, and have a valid, sensible plan for how to address it. I don't believe the liberals have that. They are known for throwing money that we don't have at problems and claiming that they're doing something about it because they're throwing money at it, with no discretion or planning.

    Everyone, save the millions. Just go out to your local farmers market every weekend, and pay a bit more for local produce. Yeah, it may cost a bit more, but it is fresher, healthier, tastier, and keeps money local instead of with some foreign conglomerate.

    You wouldn't believe the things they do to produce to make it survive shipping. Or the pesticides. I love grapes, but after eating a few grapes bought at the grocery store, I see a grey dust coating on my hands, and it smells like I had my hands in an ash tray. And this is after rinsing them under a tap. That's not enough.

    Just buy local, okay? We don't need a vote-hungry liberal government tossing millions around needlessly to figure that out.
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