WATCH: Auditor releases scathing report on OLG modernization

Bonnie Lysyk says profits, jobs were over-stated

The province's Auditor General is slamming the Liberal government, not only calling the OLG expansion plan "overly optimistic" but also revealing changes made to horse-racing slot revenues is significantly impacting that industry.

Bonnie Lysyk says the plan isn't expected to raise as much money as planned.

She tabled her report on OLG modernization at Queen's Park on Monday afternoon.

Lysyk says the OLG crafted its modernization plan without consulting municipalities and the horse racing industry enough.

She goes on to say the plan to downsize, privatize and restructure within 18 months was "overly ambitious."

The auditor found profit projections were "best-case scenario," with expectations the government would raise $4.6 billion between 2013-2018 through gaming. That number was recently cut in half to $2.2 billion. However, Lysyk estimates profits could be even less than that.

She says profit estimates were significantly lowered when both Toronto and Ottawa rejected the idea of new casinos.

Lysyk reveals jobs related to the gaming industry were also overstated and many linked to new casino projects. She says there will likely be a loss of gaming jobs in the province.

Lysyk underlines the province knew changes to the horse-racing slots program would hurt the industry but went ahead with it. Only when they received pushback, did they offer support.

The modernization plan was crafted under Premier Dalton McGuinty and has been changed now that Kathleen Wynne has taken over.

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  1. Frankie posted on 04/28/2014 03:19 PM
    Surprise surprise! Yet another example of the complete incompetence of this Liberal government. Maybe, just maybe, one day Ontario will have more people negatively affected by these morons in power and we may see a change in government.
  2. HP posted on 04/28/2014 04:29 PM
    Dalton McGuinty was a good man, problem was that he kept his head down, his mouth shut, was a poor leader, and listened to unelected advisors that politicized the Premier's Office. He approved policy and legislation that was developed by lobbyists and party strategists, never a good thing as seen in the Harper administration.

    McGuinty's only fault was hat he listened to very bad advice from political hacks, not his ministers and deputy ministers that actually serve the people. It was all about winning elections and destroying the opposition. Many were lawyers with MBA's. a very dangerous combination a seen in the corporate and financial sector. Those people were trained to achieve their goals at all costs, and knew the legal loopholes to make it happen. Sadly, McGuinty was never briefed on the ethics file.
    1. Frankie posted on 04/28/2014 05:14 PM
      @HP My comments refer to Dalton McGuinty as premier -

      He was a consistent liar
      He had the OPP stand down allowing a man to almost be beaten to death
      He "stole" $ 1 Billion to save a few seats rather than wait until after the election where the cost to cancel the plants would have been about $ 40 Million
      He was the head of the most incompetent government in Ontario history
      He allowed himself to be conned by some environmental consultant in order to look good, resulting in citizens paying exorbitant rates for the next 30 years
      He created all-day kindergarten which studies have shown don't improve abilities vs kids without all-day by the time they reach grade 3
      He hired Don Drummond to produce a report to improve our economy, then didn't act on a single recommendation
      He created the debt we have now which is 5X that of California per capita
      He did whatever would help keep him in power, no matter how destructive it has been to Ontario

      He relied on people like you to keep him in power.

      He quit 10 years too late.
    2. Ernie posted on 04/28/2014 09:01 PM
      @HP Just because he was "good" does not mean he was competent.

      He was probably the most incompetent premier in Ontario's history. Yet his "goodness" is what voters liked. He could tell a bold face lie to your face and you just wanted to believe him.
    3. Angry Bill posted on 04/29/2014 11:07 AM
      @Ernie I've never believed a single thing the little weasel said, ever.
    4. john posted on 04/29/2014 12:13 PM
      @Angry Bill even a weasel never trusted a weasel .
  3. Lillian Grant posted on 04/28/2014 05:16 PM
    Did the Auditor General look into the reason why the "winning numbers" are not actually won by anyone and continuously roll over to the next draw? Out of the 50 Maxmillions there were only two winners? No winners for Encore on any of the tickets? I don't think that is mathematically possible.
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