WATCH: Tories claim Liberals misled public with fake deficit numbers

The Progressive Conservatives point to leaked cabinet documents.

The Tories at Queen's Park say they have their hands on some cabinet documents which show the Liberal government used "fake''  numbers regarding the size of the province's deficit.

Progressive Conservative finance critic Vic Fedeli pointed to the leaked papers, which outline the Liberals started off with a worst-case scenario deficit number of $24.7 billion from 2009-10.

Fedeli says the Liberals then graphed it out, drawing a diagonal straight line to zero and filling in the blanks each year with no plan.

He calls it an "aspirational" process to get to balance.

The finance minister has already announced the province won't meet interim deficit targets but maintains the budget will be balanced by 2017-18.

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  1. bob posted on 04/28/2014 11:59 AM
    be careful Tim. careful! you and your gang of do nothings have a habit of accusing before thinking. might get you in more trouble than you all ready are.
    question! what do conservatives do all day long? Ontario elected a minority government. meaning Tim the people expect your party to work with the others or you might not get another chance to do that
    1. Laura posted on 04/28/2014 12:36 PM
      @bob You have got to be kidding! You mean there are actually still lemmings out there who support the corruption going on in the Liberal party? So what exactly did Ontario do to you that you want to continue to support the most criminally corrupt, unethical, amoral group of politicians to ever run a province in the history of Canada -- the Dalton Gang?

      At this point, if someone were to tell us that Wynne and company were behind the missing Malaysian airplane, we would probably believe it. There's no level too low that this gang of incompetence and crooks wouldn't stoop.
  2. Frankie posted on 04/28/2014 12:46 PM
    Bob Rae must be relieved that his NDP gov't is no longer the worst in Ontario history. I don't bother listening to Wynne or any Liberal minister as there is nothing they say that is truthful.

    They're liars, incompetent, and IMO crooked!

    Therefore I'm not surprised the numbers were faked.
  3. Karl Burgin posted on 04/28/2014 12:49 PM
    Tories claim Liberals misled public with fake deficit numbers

    Three responses:
    1.> What's new
    2.> I'm not surprised
    3.> Wynne didn't know about it
  4. Brief and to the Point posted on 04/28/2014 02:54 PM
    Vic Fideli again?
    He's almost as annoying as Tim Hudak (although he reads better from the script).
    Won't someone please steal their road maps so they can't find their way back home?

    Cons, please provide a substantive alternative other than the gazillion jobs plan and the BWAA ... BWAA ... BWAA ... !!
    1. arthur posted on 04/28/2014 03:10 PM
      @Brief and to the Point haven't you heard? Tim's plan for transit is the million jobs he creates these people will pay through their taxes. the future employed people.
      it's like me walking in to Loblaws and saying i'll pay for these groceries when i get a job.
      Fideli, Macloudmouth they're all the same. Tim's lap dogs
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