LISTEN: Drivers react to proposed $3 surcharge on Green P parking

Mayoral candidate Karen Stintz says the city could raise $114 million over 15 years if a $3 fee was added to Green P spaces

Toronto Mayoralty hopeful Karen Stintz has a plan that might not win her many fans among people who drive downtown.

As part of her war on congestion, Stintz is proposing that motorists who use any one of 8,700 Green P parking spaces in lots in the downtown core pay a surtax of $3, no matter how long they are parked.

She says it would raise $114 million over 15 years and would use that money to pay for a new subway relief line and other transportation projects.

We sent NEWSTALK 1010 reporter Russ Courtney out to a Green P lot downtown to see what you think of the idea...

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  1. don was right posted on 04/30/2014 10:30 AM
    The answer is simple - dont vote for this twit - vote Ford
    1. bob posted on 04/30/2014 12:06 PM
      @don was right before you do that though look yourself in the mirror for a good while.
      And if you happen to have kids i hope i really hope Ford almost, doesn't but almost hits one of your kids driving drunk.
      lets us know how you feel after you had put an x beside his name
    2. Brief and to the Point posted on 04/30/2014 01:21 PM
      @don was right Great idea, "don is wrong" - Ford has NO plan.
  2. Frankie posted on 04/30/2014 10:30 AM
    IMO Karen Stintz is like a sail; she blows in the direction of the wind. Completely untrustworthy
    1. Jim posted on 04/30/2014 11:19 AM
      @Frankie And completely brain dead.
    2. john posted on 04/30/2014 11:34 AM
      @Frankie i agree .
  3. arthur posted on 04/30/2014 12:01 PM
    $3 is that it? that's pissing in a pot. TRIPLE IT..
    especially in certain cores in the downtown on wknds. you want to be a total idiot and drive your car into the city and park downtown you should pay through your freakin nose. i live by the lake downtown and seeing the downtown core come to a halt most wknds where no one can get around has to have drastic measures. in certain European cities it's so bad extreme measures had to happen like banning cars and trucks at certain times in the city core.
    there's money right there for a downtown relief line
    1. dama posted on 04/30/2014 02:17 PM
      @arthur When you look at London and Singapore, they implemented, Time Zoning, actually Singapore adopted London's system in the late 70s and it didnt work.. for drivers are willing to pay to get into the business zone, so the gridlock is still in existence..

      In Toronto, even with the increase of $3 to park, the gridlock will still be here.. and like you said: most weekend the traffic is at a halt" .. stop building sports arenas is that region.... you have the Blurjays,, Mapleleafs... the Raptors .. concerts at Moldon amphitheather.. Ed Mirvish productions.. all traffic are going in that direction.. hence the bottleneck....

      Future planning of sports and entertainment should be re-directed from downtown... build the casino at Woodbine if there is going to be any casino..

      and now to Karen Stintz.. I dont think she wil lwin.. so not going to waste key stroke on her.. .
    2. frank posted on 04/30/2014 03:41 PM
      @arthur The $3 is just the tax. It goes on top of the parking fee.
  4. Doug Ford posted on 04/30/2014 03:06 PM

    God Bless Toronto

    Thank You
  5. JohnH_6636 posted on 04/30/2014 04:29 PM
    I don't use Green P for work, as work parking is free. Only reason I drive to work, well one of many. Transit by GO/TTC would cost me $18/day minimum not including parking, and gas to work to drive is currently $12-15. if it goes above $1.50/L transit gets far more plausible. I fully intend to use it when Vaughan extension opens in 2016, hopefully I have a better job north of #7 by then. In meantime $12 GO + $6 TTC takes longer than my horrible commute through most of T.O. 8am to 9:50am most days, Transit would be well after 10:00am as Leslieville is so hard to get to. Regardless of choice, I'm usually home after 7pm and rarely around 6:30pm, leaving work at 5:15pm no thanks to barely moving DVP. I've offered DRL route suggestions to all main candidates on deaf ears, being added to mailing lists instead. One candidate answers emails, Ari Goldlink, personally, nobody else cares. Tory may be best for job, but he needs better campaign staff. Goldlink deserves more coverage, regardless of standing in polls.
  6. Frank, Toronto posted on 05/01/2014 08:24 PM
    There's no "war on congestion" if you don't stop flooding the city (and Canada in general) with more and more unnecessary immigrants. Once immigrants are admitted to Canada, you can't control where they live and they will always flock to the larger cities. That always means more cars on the road, more emissions, more demand for energy and more urban sprawl. This has been the case for decades and it's only getting worse as more and more green space inside and outside Toronto gets gobbled up every year to make room for more subdivisions.
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