Richard Kachkar denied move to less secure unit

Ontario Review Board decision delivered Wednesday

Richard Kachkar has been denied a request to move into a less secure unit at the mental health facility where he is detained.

Kachkar has been at Ontario Shores mental health hospital in Whitby for about a year, since he was found not criminally responsible for killing Toronto Police Sgt. Ryan Russell with a stolen snow plow in 2011.

At his first annual hearing in front of the Ontario Review Board, which decides if and how not criminally responsible patients should be detained, Kachkar petitioned, through his lawyers, to be transferred to the hospital's general forensic unit.

On Wednesday, the board ordered that the hospital maintain Kachkar's conditions, including escorted outings beyond the hospital gates.

The board stirred controversy last year when it allowed Kachkar to go into the community with supervision. The Crown appealed those outings and lost.
While the hospital didn't let Kachkar off its grounds while the privilege was under appeal, but since it was dismissed, he has been escorted by staff three times to a local plaza.

Kachkar's attending psychiatrist told the board at his first annual hearing last week, that the medical team doesn't feel Kachkar is ready to move to the less secure unit where the ratio of staff to patients is lower.

Dr. Zohar Waisman told the board he still does not have a definitive diagnosis for Kachkar, other than he falls somewhere in the spectrum of psychosis.

It is difficult to assess Kachkar's future risk because those predictions are harder with more serious offences, he said. Kachkar does appear to be responding to his anti-psychotic medication, but he has only been on it since September, which is not a very long time for someone with such a complex history, Waisman said.

 Kachkar has completed various programs at the hospital, such as behavioural therapy, and is on the waiting list for another, Waisman said. He is compliant with his medication and has one-on-one therapy once a week. Kachkar also volunteers for one hour a week both at a shop and a video store at the hospital.

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  1. john posted on 05/02/2014 11:32 AM
    good put him in the KP he be fine there .
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