Liberals hope for NDP support after budget unveiling

The Spring Liberal budget will be presented Thursday afternoon. PC leader Tim Hudak says his party won't support it.

Finance Minister Charles Sousa will deliver the budget after 4 p.m.

Tax hikes on high income earners and smokers to help fund public transit are expected to be a key part of today's Ontario budget.
But the question remains: will it trigger an election or will the NDP again prop up the minority Liberal government.
The New Democrats didn't make specific budget demands as they did in the past two years, but warn they won't support any new taxes, tolls or fees on the middle class.
It appears the Liberals are ready to meet the NDP's conditions by increasing taxes on the wealthy and eliminating some corporate tax credits, as well as introducing a provincial pension plan, an idea the New Democrats championed in the past.
The Canadian Press has learned the government has hired Michael Nobrega, the recently retired CEO of the $60 billion Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System fund, to be the ``implementation lead'' for the new provincial pension plan.
NDP Leader Andrea Horwath says she wants to actually see the budget, and consult with the public, before she announces whether or not her party can support the Liberals on the confidence vote that will follow within the next few weeks.
Horwath has to decide whether it's better to keep dealing with a left-leaning Liberal government or force an election in which she could end up with a right-wing Conservative administration that won't make concessions to the NDP.
Premier Kathleen Wynne announced the budget would allocate $29 million over 10 years to expand public transit and repair roads and bridges, and create a $2.5-billion-dollar fund to give grants to corporations to attract investment and new jobs.
The Progressive Conservatives plan to vote against the budget and say they would end ``corporate welfare'' and have condemned the provincial pension plan as a ``job killing payroll tax.''
Documents obtained by The Canadian Press indicate the Liberals will hike taxes on high income earners, corporations and smokers to help raise money for public transit.
The documents, which were not obtained from Liberal sources, suggest the budget will also announce the phase in of a four-cent-a-litre increase in the tax on aviation fuel over four years, restrict tax credits for large corporations and stop construction companies from claiming the fuel tax exemption.
Wynne's staff reject suggestions the premier could call the election herself if the New Democrats take too long making up their mind about the budget, and she herself said she is still committed to trying to make the minority government work.

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  1. Jim posted on 05/01/2014 08:20 AM
    The NDP will prop up the Liberals because their leader doesn't give a damn about the people of Ontario.Her only concern is keeping her position of power. At the end of the day she is an even more gutless and cowardly "leader" the the Premier.

    I just hope the people of Ontario remember this well. Sooner or later there WILL be an election. That is when I believe both the NDP and Liberals will have to answer for their sins and the damage they have inflicted on the people of Ontario.
  2. Todd posted on 05/01/2014 09:09 AM
    NDP is in bed with the Liberals, morally this Government shouldn't be supported.
  3. Art posted on 05/01/2014 11:13 AM
    of course the NDP will support it. why would they not? they sit in a position to get NDP policies through working with the liberals. they're not there to appease the do nothing conservatives. they will trigger an election when it suits them and not before.
    the liberals and NDP in a minority situation is best. I don't think an election will come until the full term is up
    1. Jim posted on 05/01/2014 04:37 PM
      @Art This situation is best? Are you f ' ed in the head? This government has ripped off the taxpayers for billions and you think keeping it is best? You're either an economically ignorant lefty or in need of serious mental help.
  4. Ernie posted on 05/01/2014 01:25 PM
    The NDP will support it because the budget (at least the parts we know already) increase spending by $5.8 billion annually. Unless the government announces how they will shut down other spending to make up for it, or improve their own efficiency, this means either they will borrow the $5.8 billion or smack tax and fee payers.

    Im not holding my breath on efficiency at this point. After 8 years the Liberals have showed no sign of wanting to improve how government is run.

    The NDP doesn't care about what things cost as long as those filthy rich bustards are the ones that pay and not everyone else. Never mind that someone earning $150,000 per year already pays $49,000 in taxes while a $50,000 earner only pays $9,000.

    The NDP and Liberals are like Robin Hood and Little John
  5. Frankie posted on 05/01/2014 03:13 PM
    IMO the NDP are like the driver of the getaway car with the Liberals "robbing" the bank (taxpayer). They're both guilty!
  6. lynne posted on 05/01/2014 10:31 PM
    Sousa's so smooth, he's slimy.Re the "Ontario Pension Plan"... Does anyone in his right mind really believe that those poor suckers that have no company pensions would ever really get their $$$ back from the lying Libs? BRING THEM DOWN!!!
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