Councillors Vote to Eliminate Salary Survey

City councillors also voted in favour of keeping raises in line with Statistics Canada’s CPI.

City Councillors have voted in favour of eliminating a controversial survey which compared their salaries to their counterparts in other municipalities.  Before the end of each term, councillors were required to determine the pay of the incoming Mayor and council. 

During Tuesday's meeting Councillor Michael Thompson introduced a motion to amend the Municipal Code and eliminate the requirement for the survey.  Councillors also voted in favour of basing the Mayor's and councillors' pay increase on the Statistics Canada Toronto Consumer Price Index. 

Councillor Thompson called the survey a complete waste of time and money considering the issue councillors giving themselves big raises is political dynamite.

"As I pointed out, we don't take those increases anyway, yet we spend $25,000 every time to do these studies.  And we get these reports back and the reports collect dust and we've wasted in my view a good $25,000 when it could go into student nutrition, when it could go into parks programs.  We could fund programs for at-risk neighbourhoods and so on." said Thompson.

This year's survey recommended councillors receive a pay hike of 12% to bring them more in-line with their GTA counterparts.

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