Flyers handed out in Brampton not a hate crime

Peel Police say no one from Immigration Watch Canada will be charged...

Peel Police say, while some consider it racist and offensive it does NOT meet the Criminal Code's requirement regarding hate crime.

That means criminal charges will not be laid in connection with an anti-immigration flyer was handed out in Brampton last month.

It displayed a group of Caucasians above a separate photograph of a group of Sikhs with captions that read "from this.......... to this" and "Is This What You Want?"

Peel Police say no charges will be laid against Immigration Watch Canada, the group responsible for the flyers.

The Police put out the following statement:

Peel Regional Police, along with the community we serve, do not tolerate Hate Crime within the Region of Peel.   We understand the deep hurt and harm incidents such as this cause our community, and we are committed to taking immediate action through investigation, prosecution and support for the communities impacted.

Peel Regional Police after a thorough investigation and following consultation with the Peel Crown Attorney's Office and the Ontario Crown Law Office, have determined that the content of the flyers, distributed in Brampton by members of an organization called Immigration Watch Canada, do not meet the Criminal Code of Canada's requirements regarding hate crime.  While the flyers may be considered racist and offensive, they do not cross the legal line into hate crime as determined by the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC vs. Keegstra).  As such, there are no reasonable grounds to warrant criminal charges in this case.

Peel Regional Police deeply values the cultural diversity of our community and are proud that this diversity makes Peel Region a highly desirable place in which to live, work and visit.  We are steadfast in our commitment to all members of our community to be transparent, to promote the value of diversity in our community and police service, and to provide a safe and enjoyable place for all our residents.

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  1. Bill R posted on 05/09/2014 10:14 AM
    Proclaiming this was racism made headline news. News media created/fed the furor. Now that it's judged not to be so, don't expect retraction of the misplaced outrage. No news outlet will apologize for fanning the flames of so called white guilt (another leftist media invention). Immigration Watch was asking for a sane debate about the subject... something the politicians don't want the citizenry to even think about. Their social experiments are not to be questioned. The police are more concerned with possible harm a flyer could do to a community rather than the harm or at the very least, the very real and understandable anxiety, that rapid displacement of an established culture causes.
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