Hudak promises 120,000 new jobs with 30% cut to corporate taxes

Part of PC's million jobs plan

Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak says he would create 120,000 new jobs in Ontario by making the province the lowest business tax jurisdiction in North America.

Hudak says reducing corporate taxes by 30 per cent is one step of his eight-year plan to create one million new jobs in the province.

To pay for the plan, Hudak says he will replace grants to businesses, which he is calling "corporate welfare," with the corporate tax reduction.

He says those programs favour "well-connected" businesses and cost taxpayers up to $2 billion per year.

Hudak says his initiative will send a "signal fire" across the world to encourage new investment in Ontario.

His announcement Saturday comes a day after he pledged to cut 100,000 public sector jobs as a way to help eliminate the $12.5-billion deficit by 2016.


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  1. tanjo posted on 05/10/2014 04:05 PM
    Although this would be good for Company Owners and their Investors (of which I am one), I am not sure that a 30% across the board tax cut is enough to attact a company to move to Ontario in sufficient quantities to generate 120,000 jobs. Hopefully, he can provide some supporting facts for this number.

    Anyway assuming his numbers are accurate, he is currently at -180,000 jobs: 120,000 new jobs from the tax cut, less 100,000 job seekers from public sector, less 200,000 new apprentices competing for the same job pool.

    1,180,000 jobs to go to reach his one million jobs goal.
    1. Sonny posted on 05/10/2014 04:34 PM
      @tanjo You are a sucker if you think gov'ts create jobs, jobs, jobs!
  2. Akram Shah posted on 05/10/2014 04:12 PM
    "Elect Me", "Vote for me" I dont have any policy. I dont have any plan. I will "Promise" what ever you want after all Mcguinty promised and didnt deliver yet remained "Premier" for 12 odd years
  3. Alex posted on 05/10/2014 04:39 PM
    Ontario will be so much farther ahead if business cuts taxes and business owners can purchase 20 million dollar cottages instead of the 10 million dollar shacks.
    1. Sonny posted on 05/10/2014 04:46 PM
      @Alex Sarcasm. It's the money that is going to the top 1% OR 0.1%...
  4. Alex posted on 05/10/2014 04:51 PM
    Tim Hudak is in favour of advancing the working poor job market.
    One million working poor jobs at a time.
  5. Alex posted on 05/10/2014 04:56 PM
    All one has to do is check the Walton family of Walmart fame as a measuring stick of just how much the wealthy 'give back'.

    EACH heir of Sam Walton now have over 20 billion dollars (which makes them the richest family in the world) yet these greed mongers will close a store (claiming it unprofitable) rather than give a raise so working families can feed their families.
    1. David posted on 05/10/2014 05:48 PM
      @Alex Alex- how has the liberal job creation plan been working recently? Please don't count the thousands of jobs in the public sector that the liberals are famous for. Liberal policies are destroying this province. You like to criticize Hudak and take shots at the rich, but what exactly would you do? Governments don't create private sector jobs but can help by offering a business friendly environment. What is your issue with business owners? If someone risks their money and builds a successful business, don't they deserve the rewards that come with it? That is the problem with this province, success is now a dirty word. Congratulations to all that have taken nothing and built it into something to be proud of.
  6. Ernie posted on 05/10/2014 07:57 PM
    In order to create 2 million jobs over the next 8 years we will need to go back to a 65 cent dollar..which I am totally in favour of.

    But Hudak cannot control this as premier - unless he can convince Harper to put pressure on the bank of Canada to lower interest rates or turn on the printing presses and print money. Truth is that Harper is an idiot when it comes to economics.

    One way to lower the dollar is to let Horvath win a majority. Investers would be so scared of what the future would hold for business, that the dollar would drop to 65 cents within 4 months after shes elected - which is actually good for business and jobs. Kind of like Rene Levesques election in Quebec in the 1970 when the dollar dropped then as well.
    1. Alex posted on 05/10/2014 08:55 PM
      @Ernie Maybe if things go right the Canadian dollar can be on par with the Mexican peso.
      Look how good things are there!
  7. LM posted on 05/11/2014 09:09 AM
    Hudak has some great ideas!
    Getting rid of the LHINS is a start; It is top heavy with bureacrats making huge salaries.
    Putting $$$ into " hands on care" is the way to go!
  8. earl posted on 05/11/2014 10:11 AM
    Best idea yet. Wynne/Liberals picking Wynners and losers with corporate handouts does no good.
    While a woman dies from no cancer medicine that is free in Saskatchewan Wynne hands over hundred grand to a bakery? Liberal priorities eh? They'll take care of you all right!
    The 100,000 public sector job cuts are simple: boomers are about to retire and Tim knows that. Simply don't replace them. Solved. And they aren't seeking work because they have fat cat union pensions. The same pensions which most benefit from the corporate tax cuts that benefit the underlying investments of those same pensions. Its time to make a strong environment for business. All who work benefit. Not just winners and losers picked by Queens Park.
  9. Walter posted on 05/11/2014 12:36 PM
    Last election, Hudak stayed quiet and didn't really stand for anything. This time the Liberals moved farther left - opening up the entire political spectrum to the PC's.
    I would say that the Liberals and NDP are campaigning at about 2.5 or 3 on the political spectrum - and Hudak is campaigning at 8 or 9.

    Could he not just have had a 10% corporate tax cut?
    Could he not have had 50,000 private sector job cuts?

    He still could have said that things were worse than he thought when he got in and adjusted his plans.
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