Midges swarm Ontario

There's an increase of the flying mosquito-like insects in Ontario this Spring & Summer

Heading up to the cottage this Spring and Summer? Make sure to stock up on the bug repellant because we're experiencing an increase in midges.

There's no scientific explanation why, but experts say you have nothing to be worried about.

Midges (scientifically known as chironomids) don't pose any threat to humans except for being an annoyance.

Biologist and Discovery Channel personality Dan Riskin told NewsTalk 1010's Moore in the Morning about them. He says you'll be surprised at what those swarms of flies are actually doing.

    "When they're in those big clouds flying in front of you on the boardwalk while you're out for a run, they are having sex. When they come out in the Spring in these huge clouds, that's their mating season so they can lay eggs back into the water."

If that puts you off your lunch, Riskin wants you to know that midges are a sign of a good ecosystem.

    "Ecologically they're hugely important because they're all these animals that eat them. Dragon flies eat them, fish eat them, all kinds of species depend on those chironomid flies."

While there's no concrete reason as to why there's so many of them this season, some experts believe it's because of the increased precipitation last summer and winter.

If you're still not fond of them, midges are attracted to light, so light traps are very effective.

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