WATCH: Toronto playground named for Sharon, Lois and Bram

Iconic children's entertainers have been together since 1978

Toronto kids can now zip down the slide and pump their legs on the swings at "Sharon, Lois & Bram Playground".

A section of June Rowlands Park at Mt Pleasant Rd and Davisville Ave was dedicated to the iconic Canadian children's entertainers on Saturday afternoon. An elephant-shaped sign now marks the entrance to the playground, a tip of the trunk to their popular 1980s TV program, "The Elephant Show".

Local councillor Josh Matlow spearheaded the naming effort last year.

Dressed in brightly-coloured sweaters, Sharon Hampson, Lois Lilienstein, and Bram Morrison, now in their 70s, performed for dozens of kids Saturday as their moms and dads sang along.

Together, Sharon Lois and Bram have sold millions of albums worldwide, won three Juno awards and performed at the White House. In 2002 they were named to the Order of Canada.

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  1. Angry Bill posted on 05/12/2014 11:20 AM
    I remember those guys. I remember I was in a deli once in the '90s, looking over the hotdogs available.. didn't know whether or not to get the spicy one or non spicy one. This guy beside me says he eats here all the time, get the spicy one. So I did. After he left, the guy behind the counter said that guy was Bram. Damn.. I shoulda paid more attention! But you just don't expect to see celebrities in your every day life.
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